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Apr 24, 2007 08:43 PM

Smithwicks beer on tap in SF/Marin/Sonoma?

I am looking for Irish pubs with Smithwicks on tap. Any Smithwicks fans out there with a suggestion of a bar?

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  1. I had a Smithwicks for lunch today at Harrington's on Front street between California and Sacramento. Its a decent FiDi bar with several screens for sports events.

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      Smithwicks is widely available in SF now, pretty much all the Irish and English bars have it. Elephant and Castle on Clay St around the corner from Harringtons have a good Smithwicks and I saw yesterday they are doing some promos for it on Tues May 1 between 6-8.

    2. The Irish Bank! . One of my favorite pubs around Union Square.

      1. The Phoenix Pub and The Liberties in the Mission has it. Edinburgh Castle, while Scottish, has it as well.

        1. I assume that if you're dedicated enough to seek it out on a Chowhound board, you know and insist on using the correct pronunciation: "Smit-ick's"?

          Beer snobs forever!

          1. SONOMA: Not a recommendation (I haven't peeked in), but I know The Black Rose Pub in Santa Rosa should have Smithwicks on tap (just in case you're stuck "up north" and cringing for a Smithwicks).

            MARIN: No places I know about. It's been a few years since I've been to The Mayflower Pub in San Rafael, but I know they did NOT have Smithwicks (I would have noticed it). Bummer.