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Casa Vega: Si or no?

Someone's taking us to dinner tomorrow (Wed.) night. We're thinking Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks.

Anyone familiar with it? Thumbs up? Down? Gracias.


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  1. I like it. Its Whitebread type mexican, but they do it well. Good margaritas. The place is very dark, which I like and they serve until 1:00am. Lots of music ind. types late at night. I love the place on a hot summer day. It's like stepping into a cinema, cool and dark.

    1. Yes, the margaritas and nachos are good. That's about it.

      However, Jennifer Aniston was there last time I ended up there...

      1. If you go strictly for the margaritas and the fun, and order the safest food item on the menu, then you will probably enjoy yourself. But do not challenge the kitchen AT ALL - totally gross "whitebread type" Mexican food - El Torito is better, btw!

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        1. re: carter

          Carter, I have to disagree.

          I know you tend to favor the more gourmet places like Senor Fred. But, sometimes you just want some good old fashioned Americanized Mexican food. Crab enchiladas - feh! How fu fu.

          Again, you're not going to get gourmet food there, but that's not what the food is about there. I would advise the original poster a THUMBS UP, provided they stick to the basics and don't expect gourmet.

          For example, the tostada chiquita is a nice little salad. My wife gets the fish tacos ala carte, and she loves them. I get the special oven burrito with chicken, which while not overly fancy, is always tasty, hot, and filling.

          Our friends get various combo platters, including carne asada tacos and enchiladas, and they have pretty good taste in food. They love it as well. Plus, the margaritas at happy hour are great!!

          I'd say CV blows regular El Torito away, but the ET Grill in the SO Galleria would beat CV, you may want to try that on another night.

          Cumin being - go and enjoy. Hopefully you're not expecting the world, but I think you'll be pleased.

          1. re: GK in SO

            I agree with you totally, GK. If you know that it ain't Fancy or "real" mexican, Casa Vega is fun and satisfying.

            Frankly, I found Senior Fred to not be to my liking. Not really "real" mexican, either. When you describe somethingon the menu as "smothered in mango salsa" and then put something lightly dusted with what looks like flecks of multi-colored vegetables, you need help.

        2. Go for the fun and the atmosphere, not the food. You will probably have to wait. It seems to always be busy.

          1. Joining the chorus--it's good for Americanized Mexican food. The little salad you get with some entrees is different and tasty. The guacamole is pretty good and comes with these yummy flour tortilla chips that are terrible for you but delicious! And the margaritas are tall and potent and really good. My only complaints are that the prices are high (and keep going up) for the kind of food they serve and that it somehow became a trendy-ish spot and so is insanely crowded most of the time. We typically go for a late lunch/early dinner to avoid the crowds.

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              I'm with you Sarah on the early dinner thing. We usually meet our friends there on Fridays, before the 5:30 cut-off for happy hour, so we can splurge on one or two before we huddle in a booth.

              It starts getting insanely crowded after like 6 or so.

            2. I usually eat there free, which increases my enjoyment manifold. The food is pretty good, Southern-California-style Mexican — the kind I cut my eyeteeth on growing up in Los Angeles. There are no wildly, exiting culinary surprises, but nothing regrettable either. Their salsa is above average as are their thin, greasy chips. The margaritas are good, and, when I want to break away from ordering a combo plate, the pork carnitas with green chile have been a good alternate. They're not as good as those you can get almost anywhere in New Mexico, but they're satisfying nonetheless.
              As noted by others, the place is really dark inside and crowded most nights. It is also pricey for what they serve. But, Casa Vega is an institution in the Valley and worth checking out.

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              1. re: suzeetuna

                CV is as worth checking out as is El Coyote on Beverly Blvd., yet hardly anything better: cheese, tortillas, and red sauce, and protein of choice, mixed many different ways. - duh!
                their carnitas are horrible, the salsas no better than anything bought in any jar in any store. Margs, definitely ok, but you can find those in any Mexican place anywhere in Studio City or Sherman Oaks.

                1. re: carter

                  Everyone is a critic, I like Casa Vega, their chips are hot & tasty and the food is basic mexican good eats, your going there for tasty mexican, nothing gourmet.

                  I too love that tortilla salad that comes with combo meals.

                  Their Chicken Mole is DELICIOUS as well as other dishes too.

                  I say go to Casa Vega anyday over El Torito, Tequillas, La Fogata (YUCK), and others.

                  My funniest moment at Casa Vega was seeing a table of grandma's take coal miner glasses out of their purses to use as flash lights to read the menu since it is dark in there.

                  My two cents,


                  1. re: carter

                    If your looking for a scene and a good excuse to get a Margarita, then CV is fine...I hate the food unless it's happy hour cuz I hate to spend money on Crap...I would rather go to a taco cart with a beer in a brown bag..but if you are trying to have a Desperate Housewife sighting, have at it.
                    On the plus side, they have very good beans, albondigas soup, and you can't go wrong with the chips and salsa...better off going to Tony's (yes, Mexican food) on the S/W corner of Coldwater and Magnolia for good Mexican and then head to CV for a Margarita.
                    Have Fun and order a Hornitos Margarita on the Rocks with Salt for Me!