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Apr 24, 2007 07:26 PM

About egg rolls

So I'm catching up with hot posts and there's this passionate post about finding NY style eggrolls in LA.

Now there's a lot I miss from NY and the East Coast ... eggrolls are not one of those things ... the caveat is that the areas I lived in had bad Chinese food and on my trips to Manhattan, I didn't know nothing about no Chinese food.

So I always thought eggrolls were superior in SF.

Anyway, what are your favorite eggrolls and why?

I don't eat eggrolls all that often, but now I have a craving reading that. If I'm gonna eat an eggroll, it should be the best.

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  1. never order them on my own, but have had some at gatherings. they're usually from King Egg Roll in the South Bay (a few locations i think).

    1. Egg Rolls are Egg Rolls and Spring Rolls are Spring Rolls and never the twain shall meet. You're probably thinking of the latter in SF vis-a-vis the former in NY.

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        one, egg roll, is full of stuff... pork & cabbage + other veggies... the other (spring roll) is not so stuffed and more moist, with pork & chives, etc. Correct? Haven't seen much spring rolls in the bay area. Where is the best?

          1. re: intomeat

            The main difference is that egg rolls are bigger and the wrapper is brushed with egg so it blisters when it's deep fried. Traditionally spring rolls are all or mostly vegetable-stuffed (spring vegetables, get it?) while what goes into egg rolls is omnly limited by the imagination. There's even a place in Philadelphia that makes cheese steak egg rolls.....

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              Very cool info, Gary and probably factoids that are now permanently etched in whatt brain I have left. For some reason a cheese steak egg roll sounds good,

              1. re: rworange

                Yeah, I agree. I have a 9 hr layover in Philadelphia in June....I might have to check those out. Gary - will you post something on the Pennsylvania board about these? Or direct me to other posts if they exist?

                Dave MP

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                  Here's how I found about them (I got this link from Indigo Som's blog:


                  1. re: Gary Soup

                    Awesome. I will do my best to get there.

        1. I don't know if they are egg rolls are spring rolls. Its all the same in Chinese. But my favorites are from Tao Yuen in Oakland Chinatown. Filled with chopped (not ground pork), not a single shred of a cabbage (a plus to me) and a crispy wrapper. Maybe piece of bamboo. It has a balanced flavor of meat, soy and five spice. Plus even at room temperture or cold, its not terribly greasy, but not crunchy.

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          1. re: heltsai

            Actually, I did an image search for spring rolls (chun juan) on and it brought up a lot of things that look suspiciously like Chinese-American egg rolls. I think my wife would be horrified at the sight of them, though.