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Apr 24, 2007 07:16 PM

Old L.A.- Where would Bogie eat?


I'm a Seattleite heading to L.A. for the first time this week. I have four days to eat and on one of them I'd really like to hit up a classic, Old Hollywood place. A place where Bogie & Bacall might have dined...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And if you visit Seattle I'll tell you where to get the best Thai I've ever had!

Thanks :)


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  1. Musso & Frank is the most classic restaurant in Hollywood. It never had the glitz and glamour of, say, Romanoff's or Perino's (both long gone), but it's been around forever (1919) and is still a favorite.

    6667 Hollywood Boulevard

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      I second that, all in favor say I. Have the Martini.

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        IMHO Musso and Frank is a place to go to once for the historical value - I'm glad we went, but I won't be back - too many other places with better environment, food, and service.

      2. I'm sure Bogie & Bacall (along with Orson Wells,Ernest Hemingway and Charlie Chaplin) dined there. It's been there since 1919. Oldest Restaurant in Hollywood.

        One thing to order if its the right time of day is their famous flannel cakes.

        Musso & Frank Grill
        Los Angeles
        6667 Hollywood Boulevard

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          The OP has had me reading about Bogie all night. Yep, he ate here. What more is good to eat here? I read that Bogie ate eggs and ham for lunch at another place. Does Musso & Frank Grill have that at lunch time?

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            Don't know if they do but I do know they have Red Flannel Hash

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              I was under the impression that M & F's stopped serving their breakfast items at 3 PM (which certainly included the excellent flannel cakes) but I'm not sure if that covers the hash or not?

              Just to clear this up I called M & F and it's ONLY the flannel cakes that have the 3 PM cut off. Everything else in the breakfast arena is served all day long until they close.

          2. I would also go to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The weather will be great, so call to reserve an outside table. Or, if you don't want to go to the Polo Lounge, one of my favorite spots is the coffee shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It's downstairs from the lobby (make a left on the way to the Polo Lounge). It's a counter only, and they don't take reservations, so grab a seat when one opens up. I think it's the best (but certainly not the cheapest!) breakfast in LA (they also do a very good lunch). Also, there's great people watching there.

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            1. If you're in Hollywood you should definitely cruise by "Thai Town" about 15 blocks east of Musso & Frank on Hollywood Blvd. between Western Avenue and Normandie Ave..
              You'll find so many Thai restaurants and businesses your head will spin.

              Los Angeles has the largest Thai population outside of Thailand with 66% of all Thai Americans living in Los Angeles.

              On weekends there's the Wat Thai Buddhist Temple in North Hollywood where they have several food booths of Thai food ranging from $1-$5/dish. A Chowhound trough for Thai food.

              1. On the more casual side, you may want to also try The Apple Pan (great burgers) and Phillipes (french dips).



                Also you'll want to stop in at the Farmer's Market at Fairfax and Third. Our usual standby is Loteria for beef tacos, but Dupar's is good too, especially for a piece of pie.


                All have been around forever. Have a great time in our city!