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Apr 24, 2007 07:09 PM

Anything good in Santa Clarita???

Im going to Santa Clarita on Friday for the Cowboy Festival. Is there anything good to hit for breakfast on the way into town (REAL EARLY) or good for dinner on the way out of town. We will be taking the 210 into the 5 from Riverside.

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  1. NO!
    Pasadena is the closest qualitative food on the 210 Fwy. Truly sad to say, but, you asked!

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    1. re: carter

      Ooops, almost forgot the Hyatt dining room may serve breakfast, and while I have not tried it, they do a pretty good job for dinner. Maybe more formal than you want though.

      1. re: carter

        If you like sushi and Japanese food, you might want to try Maru Sushi for dinner, on Town Center Drive, it is good to make a reservation. Other than that I can't think of anything else, we always, or most of the time drive out of town to find good places to eat.
        Sadly, there's mostly chain restaurants in Santa Clarita.

      2. For breakfast, Lily's Cafe, 23700 Lyons, Santa Clarita (Newhall) - located across from the park, next to the bowling alley.

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        1. re: Local

          Second this!! Lunch and dinner are good too.

        2. Breakfast here is awful. Cocos is about the best place for that meal. Dinner however, may I suggest Maru Sushi near the Town Center? Awesome food, and no it is not just sushi. They have a full gourmet menu that changes frequently. Avoid Le Chene, which is prentious and lousy food/service and any of the multitude of corporate places like Mimis, Elephant bar, Olive Pit etc. I highly suggest you make resevations for Maru early though, 661-290-2595.

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          1. re: marblezephyr

            Forget all the chain and hotel restaurants and have breakfast at the Way Station on San Fernando Road in Newhall. It's one of the few, old time, authentic diners still left in the Santa Clarita Valley (or anywhere). I don't know when it was founded, but the place is at least 60 years old, and it looks like they have not remodeled in all that time — which is a good thing. The Way Station has good diner food and it should be a great place to start your cowboy-themed fun.
            Also, if you're on the other side of the SCV (the Canyon Country side), the Half-Way House on Sierra Highway is another great place to go for breakfast. Like the Way Station, the Half-Way House is a diner that's been there for decades. They've done a little recent face-lifting inside, but the food is still homey and satisfying. Plus they serve catfish. Oddly, when I was last there, the women's bathroom had two toilets in one room, with no wall between them, but a nice toilet paper stand holding a spool that gals can share with their friends.

            1. re: suzeetuna

              haha...that bathroom stall sounds...interesting. Thank you for all the great tips. Sushi sounds great. But my dad will totally dig these two diner spots, so we may just have to try one of those. We used to go on weekend drives when I was little just to try a diner or truck stop that he had heard of. Yeah...we're wierd!

              1. re: KellBell

                The Way Station will be semi-convenient to the festival. The Half Way House is about a 30 minute drive from there- worth it if you're in town for a couple of days, but not at all close. If the Way Station is too crowded, there is the Saugus Cafe, which claims itself to be the oldest restaurant in LA County. It's another old time diner spot, but the food a Way Station is better. Otherwise, stop in Pasadena on your way.

                1. re: mic_dee

                  I haven't been to The Saugus Cafe in years. The food was awful in 1990 and friends report that nothing has changed! The place looks cool, funky old place that I want to like but...

                  1. re: sel

                    Skip the Saugus Cafe, the atmosphere was cool, but food, bad

              2. re: suzeetuna

                I went to the Way Station a couple of weeks ago. We had just ok food, Biscuits and Gravy with Bridgeford frozen biscuits. Chicken Fried Steak passable but no where near as good as The Pines Cafe. Burger also was ok but not memorable.

            2. How about the Egg Plantation in Newhall?

              Though not really "good" (nothing really is in Santa Clarita), there are plenty of breakfast options to choose from on their menu that you're sure to find something.

              1. I have heard good things about Wild Thyme Cafe and Bakery in Stevenson Ranch very close to the 5 freeway Lyons ave exit. To be honest I don't know if its still around because it has been a while. When I looked for a website I found a Wild Thyme Cafe and Bakery in Pasadena and it does not list location in SCV. If somebody knows I would love to know. I have heard that they have good desserts and I think their specialty was cobbler as well as really good salads. Here is the link that I found. The egg plantation is under a different ownership from my understanding and I have heard that it really went down. :