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Apr 24, 2007 06:26 PM

Garlic in Vegas/Deuce to Rosemary's

My husband and I will be in Vegas next week and I'd like to try Rosemary's. I'd rather spend my money on wine/craps then a cab so I'm considering the Deuce. Can anyone tell me how long of a bus ride we're looking at? We're staying at Sam's Town but I imagine we'll be bussing from The Strip. Half an hour is no biggie for us.

We've got reservations for Bouchon and are looking for one more recommendation (it's a weird one)-garlic. I'm looking for something along the lines of baked garlic, garlic soup, you get the picture. Any suggestions?

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  1. it is going to take you at least an hour... the bus system is very slow off the strip. you wouldn't be using the Deuce bus, those are just on the strip. Garlic... sorry I can't help you with that one.

    1. Per the Catride website (Las Vegas Valley bus system), the bus ride between Sam's Town and Rosemary's is 1:35 to 1:45 minutes easch way. $2.50 per person round trip.

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        I know, I know. We're going for a reason but it's a long and somewhat goofy story. We might check out Todd's too.

      2. geez...sam's town...why ? ( i can't remember if there is a convention going on next week ) you are going to spend a little $$$ just to hit the strip !! you may want to consider todd's unique in henderson ( check my reviews on both rosemary's and todd's...with pics...for a comparison ) - not sure if they'll satisfy your garlic urge....Ventano's in henderson might be able to satisfy your garlic urges - i think that will be a closer cab than the strip ...not sure...i bet if you call them ( either todd's or ventano's ) in advance, they will prepare something special for you - good luck !!

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          Check this place out:

          The Garlic Cafe
          3650 South Decatur
          Las Vegas, NV
          (702) 368-4000

          They do have a 'Garlic Vegetable Soup' on their menu.....

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            todd's garlic bread..... yum....

          2. Whatever it takes to get to Rosemary's I say get there. Staying at ST, you'd be advised to get a rent car anyway, unless you are going to depend on the casino shuttle to get you to the strip. Should be able to find a car for about $20 a day, well worth it for the freedom it will give you.

            Just down Boulder Hwy is The Omelet House...killer place for breakfast.