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Apr 24, 2007 06:19 PM

Galloway, NJ area - any suggestions? [moved from Tristate board]

We're going to be spending a few days at the Marriott Seaview (gotta take a sales pitch on their timeshare stuff; once they check our credit, I suspect their interest in us will drop like a rock).

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner thoughts all welcome. We're willing to roam as far south as Atlantic City, as far north as LBI, as far inland as, well, Pennsylvania. (We'd probably just as soon pass on casino stuff in AC, but if someone has a "chowhound must do" for one of those places, by all means, suggest away!)

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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  1. There is a good breakfast place on the same street as the Seaview Marriott. It is called Shay's Cafe. Take Rt 9 South, it will be on your side of the street in a strip mall. There is also a very nice greek restuarant a little further down, on the same street ( Rt9). If you like Japaness food, Mt. Fugi is also very close to were you are staying. If you take Rt 9 (south) to Route 30 ( White Horse Pike) make a right, it will be a your right.

    Smithville is also very close to the Marriott. There are several decent establishments there and if the weather is nice, it is a nice place to walk around.

    Good luck.

    1. "Gourmet Italian Cuisine" (yep thats the name of the place) is the biggest and most popular restaurant in Galloway Township.It never knocked me out but I always came out full and satisfied with no complaints.Its on Jimmie Leeds Rd.
      Out on the White Horse Pike (Rt 30) is another large,popular place called WL Goodfellows.This is a typical fern bar/sports bar,but I find their offerings a bit above average.They have a lot of microbrews and a lively bar crowd.They had some excellent Habanero wings that were probably the best blend of heat and flavor I've had.I honestly was near crying but diligently finished the whole plate.I made sure to go here every time I visited AC-I pretty much eschew the Casino restaurants unless I get comped.

      1. I lived in that area for about 4 years and here are my "foodie" recommendations:
        The greek place they are talking about is the Athenian Garden. It is absolutely delicious! BYOB. On Rt. 9 (I think you want to make a left out of Seaview, but I could be wrong). You will not be disappointed. "Must do" for sure!
        There is a good breakfast place on Rt. 9 called the Sunryser. They may have changed ownership since I was last there but they had excellent homemade muffins, made good breakfast dishes, and a quaint atmosphere (antique tables and chairs, all mismatched) with friendly service.
        If you go into Smithville there are a few places to eat - we used to stop at Fred & Ethel's, nothing fancy but tasty sandwiches, etc. The Smithville Inn is fancier and a bit overrated in my opinion, but a very nice atmosphere. Both of these places have a liquor license.
        An excellent Thai place is Thai Orchid in a very unassuming shopping center on the corner of the whitehorse pike and Jimmie Leeds Road. BYOB, and delicious choices - people that go there keep going back.
        If you absolutely need a sushi fix, Fuji is your only option (outside of AC). I used to go there for that reason only...and the food is decent, but the place is very vacant usually and the service was terrible. There are places west you can go..."Ginza" chains, but I wouldn't know exactly where they are located.
        In AC, I really need to rave AGAIN on this board about Little Saigon, Vietnamese cuisine. A very unassuming place, always packed on Fri & Sat nights, with an upscale folliwing. BYOB and everything there is absolutely delicious. You will be skeptical when you see the neighborhood, etc...but once you step in and try your first dish you will be glad you made the trip. I have taken many "steak & potato" people there - and after their first bite they were hooked! Try the summer rolls, sweet & sour bean curd soup, and any of the vermicelli dishes...really anything on the menu!

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          I too have eaten at Little Siagon and it is wonderful. The Sunrsyer was run by a husband and wife. They sold it a while ago and it isn't as good anymore. Fred and Ethel's in Smithville, decent food and nice atmosphere.. Last time I attempted to go to the Smithville Inn for lunch the place was a mess. The tables were not bussed, there was food on the floor amd generally disgusting.. Perhaps they cleaned up the act but I won't be eating there in the future. If you can make reservations at Chef Vola. I have found it to be one of the better restuarants in A.C.

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            We've lived in Galloway for 12 years (the last four in Smithville) and I agree with most of the above - we still like Sunryser, Fred & Ethels, Mt. Fuji (though a friend of ours had a very bad experience there, you don't wanna know about), and there is good little Indian lunch/dinner on NJ Ave. in Absecon, called Shreeji, though it sometimes reminds me of that Baboo episode on Seinfeld. There's also a decent casual place on Pitney Ave. called Blue Marlin (used to be Pitney Tavern), but they need to learn how to spell mussels on their outside banner (it's not mussells, or muscles). See, all of these things come with caveats. Oh, and the Athenian Garden is great, too, especially the whole fish - you would turn right out of Seaview to get there.
            We also love crabs and beer on the porch at Oyster Creek - that's a summer thing, but they're open on the weekends inside right now, and good sandwiches at J.D.'s Pub in Smithville Towne Center. Too bad you weren't here two weeks ago for the ham & oyster dinner at the Oceanville Fire House. Yum!

            1. re: phishphried

              Well, since May is coming up and you REALLY want something to do, I believe the Mayfest is the second weekend in May. As you can imagine, typical Mayfest, arts and crafts, homemade food. 20,000+ people show up. Great way to kill a couple of hours. I'm sure the exact date can be found on the net somewhere.

              Anyway, Smithville Inn has a great Sunday brunch NOT to be missed. My family has been going to their New Year's Day Sunday Brunch for the past 30 years (or the first Sunday in the new year). The Towne of Smithville is the greatest place to walk off a great meal with a fresh cup of coffee. We used to feed the ducks back in the day. Lots of shops. The legendary Christmas Shoppe is one of them.

              1. re: phishphried

                "Ham and oyster dinner" - sounds fantastic! Is this a common-place thing in the area, or a once-a-year, one-place-only deal? Should we be scanning the local papers when we are down there to find another one? If it's just once per year, is it always held at the same time of year? That would be worth putting on the 2008 schedule right now. Thanks.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. The Sunryser since changing hands in 2005 has done nothing but improved on everything. Food is awesome, service is great, and I love it. It is the best breakfast around. Shays is overpriced and the food isnt good at all.