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Apr 24, 2007 06:04 PM

New Moon Restaurant in Montrose

Has anyone eaten at New Moon Restaurant on Verdugo in Montrose? There is another new restaurant on Honolulu, but I don't remember the name. It looked interesting, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it?

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  1. my wife and i did a few months ago when it first opened. we were not impressed. the service was very spotty and the food was not to write home about. hope that it has improved.

    1. New Moon claims they invented the Chinese chicken salad maybe 40+ years ago when they were located in the old Chinatown on San Pedro Street. Run by the son(of the original owner) and his wife. Kind of nouvelle Cantonese aimed at the American palate. (nothing like its olden days like the time warped Paul's Kitchen kind of Cantonese food).

      I've only been to the location downtown across the street from the California Mart. It was ok, nothing to rave about. Seems like their Chinese chicken has stood the test of time and the day I had lunch seemed like endless trays of it being packed for take-out (probably across the street to the California Mart).

      New Moon
      112 W 9th St # 102
      Los Angeles, CA 90015
      (213) 624-0186

      1. Been several times. Observations:
        1. They do have wine and beer which is reasonably priced and middle of the road quality.
        No hard liquor license, which is fine, but they don't always make it really clear. They will serve cocktails if you order them with strange wine bases.
        2. Service is consistently slow. Kitchen seems to take an unduly long time.
        3. Preparations range from poor imitations of real Chinese (really sorry Mu Shu wrappers and weak sauce) to pretty good. Some interesting takes on Cal-Mandarin.
        4. Seafood is the reason to go. Whole fish is good enough to have plain, on its own, but the sauces and preparations are workmanlike. It is rare to find an Asian restaurant outside of ELA that will actually do a competent whole fish. Scallops and shrimp are fine, too, but not as impressive.
        5. Always busy - mainly La Canada families. Bright and can be a little noisy. Lots of interest in the big TVs that are tuned to the sports channels.
        All in all, if you're into what I can only describe as Cal Cantonese this is as good as it gets in the non-Asian enclaves.

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          Obviously referring to the new restaurant in Montrose near the corner of Honolulu and Verdugo Rd, technically in Glendale, just north of La Cabinita and Bistro Verdu.

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            I'm aware that the food at New Moon is maybe not the most authentic, but I have always enjoyed whatever I ordered, and some things have been outstanding. Not the Chinese Chicken salad, but the grilled shrimp, the salty shrimp (much garlic & chiles), the dragon beef and the best wor won ton I have had in years. Best not to go during dinner rush hour, though. It does fill up rather quickly, but if you are into an early dinner, its just fine.

            There is one waiter there who is superb - really has his stuff together - Bobby? not sure of the name.

            Also, they have applied for a full liquor license. The cocktails referred to are not a "strange wine base", they are made with soju which I can't really describe, kind of a cross between vodka and wine. Soju is fairly common these days in restaurants with only a beer & wine license, and actually makes a pretty decent cocktail.

            Maybe because it is a "neighborhood" place and pretty close, I seem to wind up going there about once a week and have only had lackluster service once about a year ago.

            Different people, different tastes I guess.

            1. re: Griller141

              I don't recall seeing a new restaurant in that area. Is it possible it's just the recently remodeled Divina Cucina?

              1. re: badmeow

                no. it is around the corner on verdugo. somewhat subdued. wish it were better.

          2. I've gone 2 times and had lame service each's a very loud room. People who enjoy PF Changs enjoy it...not my cup o tea.
            New Moon is only 3 miles from my front door but I'd rather do the drive to Los Feliz to go to Chi Dynasty any day.
            On the plus side, the soup is good, the place is clean and they have an OK lunch special menu.