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Apr 24, 2007 05:49 PM

Family Celebration with Good Chow

this will be a U Chicago graduation meal with elderly grandparents in attendance. That means non-noisy, not too spicy or exotic (unfortunately), and not the very top end dressy expense account places either. Who's doing some really delicious cooking in town that might fit this bill?

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  1. North Pond, in Lincoln Park (the park itself, as opposed to the neighborhood called Lincoln Park), has a beautiful setting, is quiet, and features local, seasonal produce. But check out the menu to see if the ingredient combinations would push the limits of "exotic" for your party.

    Custom House in the South Loop might be a safer choice in terms of pleasing diners with varied tastes:

    The two places above have entrees in the $30+ range. A couple of places which are a step down in price (and fancy-ness) are, first, Timo, which recently changed its name from Thyme and changed its focus to be more Italian:

    The walled patio in the back of Timo is lovely, perhaps the weather on your night in June would co-operate for al fresco dining.

    Another possibility might be West Town Tavern (which is not a tavern!), a neighborhood spot producing really excellent food, mostly American.

    Hope this helps get you started. We'd love to hear where you end up.

    1. Are you looking for something specifically in or near Hyde Park, or are other parts of town okay?

      If you're not restricted to Hyde Park, Amata's suggestions above are excellent.

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        . . . and if you do want to stay in HP, you might want to give La Petite Folie a ring. But be sure to reserve. They're likely to be well booked up around gaduation time:

        1. re: jbw

          thanks for the recommendations so far - some seem like really good possibilities.
          Have to balance off getting everyone a really good, enjoyable meal without triggering off the "this costs too much for little old me" attitude that can crop up.

          thanks again!