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Apr 24, 2007 04:40 PM

Exploring Carroll Gardens: Where to Go?

So I'm making the trek from Mahattan out to Carroll Gardens this weekend to do some quality house/dogsitting for a couple of days. Not incredibly familiar with the area -- would really appreciate some recommendations for some relatively inexpensive places to check out; if they're potentially good for solo dining that'd be a plus. What are some of your favorite places? Thanks!

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      Wow, that is definitely more than I'd ever want to know. Thanks!

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        Isn't it funny that he was dogsitting and you are dogsitting?

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          carroll gardens is a dog town with pet stores on every other block and yes, that thread was both informative, and filling, to me. just go through that sucker, plus these recs below. I was in CG for a week dogsitting and it was some good eats. I won't get into any recs because most of them are on the above thread. but enjoy!

    2. walk up court street to atlantic cross the street continue on atlantic and get some pita bread and anything else from bedouin tent - its so good when its hot. Then walk back wence you came from down smith which is parallel to court - there are many places to see and eat. Many places are bad but many are very good. I will leave it to the other chowhounders for places to eat suggestions.

      1. Chicory is one of my favorite places to eat in Carroll Gardens, everything is good, really good.,the fried chicken is incredible and all the tacos and sandwiches..mmm. It is also an excellent place if you are alone and want inexpensive. Another not-to-be-missed is Boca Lupo. Order the meatballs a salad and a glass of wine and life is wonderful..

        1. A pie from Lucali's (on Henry just south of Carroll) might be too much for one, but a calzone would be just right. Actually, who am I kidding, I could eat one of their pies if I were dining alone. I second the Bocca Lupo recommendation below (Henry and Warren, in Cobble Hill) for small plates, but for a slightly better bang for your buck Frankie's (on Court between 4th Place and Luquer) is better -- the house wine is decent for the price ($10/carafe) and the portions are a little heartier. The vibe at Bocca is a bit more amenable to solo dining, though -- the staff's friendly, the bar staff especially so.

          1. I second the Frankie's rec - definitely a place to check out. Panino'teca on Smith is also good - they have lots of different panini options and a good wine and drink list.

            I also like Cafe LuluC (also on Smith St) for good, basic French food at very reasonable prices. I've seen plenty of people dining solo there too. If you're there for brunch, get the pancakes - they are terrific.

            If you're in the mood for a cheeseburger, check out the Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic near Clinton St (think it's Clinton St.). They also have a fantastic beer list and free popcorn.

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              I agree with your review on Waterfront, however they’re in Brooklyn Heights (Atlantic bet. Clinton & Henry) and might be a bit of a walk from Carroll Gardens, but worth it nonetheless.

              I find Fragole on Court a nice homey Italian restaurant and it’s a lot less hectic then Frankie’s. And for old school Italian provisions Caputo’s is the place to go. It’s a deli so it’s not a place to eat in, so load up on things to take out. Their meats, homemade dishes and cheeses are all good. If you’re undecided on what to get don't be afraid to ask the counter people for recs.