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Dinner and Show - O.C.

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I'm entertaining out-of-towners. They would like to go to a dinner and show (does not matter what kind of show). Medieval Times is out. Something entertaining and not Benihana-entertaining, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Here's the calender of events for the Irvine Barclay Theater near UCI. http://www.thebarclay.org/calendar.asp
    Maybe there will be something out there thay your guests would find entertaining. The University Center across the street has some decent dining options. My current favorite is Veggie Grill <- this place is vegetarian but their food is delicious (and I'm not even a vegetarian). Their sweetheart fries (shoe string sweet potato fries) are heavenly.

    1. There is always the "Elizabeth Howard Curtain Call Dinner Theater" in Tustin if you are in the mood to eat some rubber chicken with your musical......

      Seriously, though, I haven't been, so I can't comment about the quality of either the show or the food. It could even be good, you never know.

      1. How about The Gourmet Detective? "Murder mystery dinner show" http://www.gourmetdetective.com/

        I have not been, but I want to.

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          hmmmm.....imo, gourmetdetective food is just a cut above dog chow....as for the show, just awful......no, no, wait, deplorable......

          Went to this "dinner show" couple of months ago.....and we'll, lets just say, the full premium bar was the best part of the evening, along with good company.....

        2. Another option is the IMPROV. The food is solidly OK (some dishes are better than others). Even if the food is bad, the laughter which comes later will help you forget about it.

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            Thanks for all your replies. I know it's not a "show" but how would you grade/score the Hornblower dinner cruise (Newport)? Also any opinion on the REggae cruise from Long Beach?

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              I don't know how comparable it is, but I wasn't impressed with a San Diego dinner cruise. But if your guests are from the midwest, maybe they'd enjoy the city lights. The food on the SD cruise was "meh".

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                The food is pretty awful. How about taking a harbor cruise & then eating at one of the waterfront places?

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                  I took a Hornblower ship at a corporate event. Maybe the company just paid them WAY more money, but the h'or derves(sp? god i hate that word) were incredibly tasty. No idea how the dinner cruise was though, but I thought it would be pretty cool.

                  This was out of MDR btw.

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                  hey, i think i'm trying that in the near future with some pirate fans......will blog it after we go!

                2. If they're here during the summer, perhaps you can make it a dinner & show @ the Hollywood Bowl?

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                    re the hollywood bowl... now that's LA.... i love it.. i haven't been since they reopened.. but a nice glass of wine... under the stars... wow... my friends recently went to a star wars cincert there and had a blast... my relative and her fiancee had a wine and cheese night there, and it was very romantic...

                    and with regards to the original poster, are you limited to places in orange county? also, what age range are your guests, because LA has soo much to do... i would suggest the magic castle in hollywood, but you would have to know someone who is a member to get tickets...

                    re hornblower: surprisingly i've done that both in sd and the sf/bay area.... and all the times i've gone, it was NICE, but just exactly that... nice. so kinda nice, boring nice.. if you know what i mean.... it's not horrible, it's just... nice....

                    there are soo many places though, have you thought about eating somewhere and then catching a show and/or drink afterwards? there a bunch of places by the disney concert hall...

                    BUT if you are like me, la in itself can be a show.. meaning... if you and your guests are easily amused (and are on a budget) you can sit at a coffeeshop/restaurant somewhere outside that has active foot traffic and be entertained at the folks who are passing by =) i've had countless entertaining nights eating at 3rd st., city walk, pasadena, glendale, the block, you name it... with no "official" show... hahahah

                  2. Would an Angels game work?