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Apr 24, 2007 03:45 PM

Aspen Restaurants

i will be going to the food and wine classic in june and am wondering about the best restaurants to go to. what are the places that the classic people (hopefully the chefs too) attend most. i should have been on here months ago asking. hopefully i can still score a reservation. thanks.

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  1. someone has to know some good info about the aspen restaurants. i am in need of a few tips for the food and wine classic. pls pls!!

    1. Many of the chefs and other VIPs attend private catered parties. Other than that, downtown Aspen restaurants -- the ones closest to the park, the St. Regis, etc. -- are the easiest to get to from Food & Wine.

      1. all of the restaurants will be packed! i really reccommend cache cache, sizigy, and matsuhisa (for sushi). Elevation is another fun spot for dinner.

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          thanks Vail. do you work in a restaurant?(in vail?? : ) i will be going by myself so i would like to go somewhere i can meets people. eating dinner alone is no fun.

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            I do work in Vail. I Might be at a few events in Aspen as well...

        2. To get a good idea of all of Aspen's dining options visit