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Apr 24, 2007 03:09 PM

La Ciccia tonight

I'm heading to La Ciccia for the first time tonight. What should I order?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I went last night and enjoyed it a great deal. Partner and I arrived at 9:30 as the crowd was dwindling. Service was gracious. Bread was a mediocre start, and they could do much better on this score. We started with a superb macaroni special and sardines. The former had a veal ragu, and the latter was in a sauce of wine and garlic. I had bluenose bass next, a generous portion of very fresh fish. Partner had the squid ink pasta, an amazing dish. We shared a side of roasted vegetables -- small summer squash, potatoes, and misc. other stuff. We had a cheese plate -- not terribly inspired -- and an excellent lemon custard. With an interesting bottle of Sardinian white, the total came to around $120.

      My wife declared it the best meal she's had in a while, and I liked it a great deal. Pastas were the highlight, and we'll certainly be back.

    2. i think i'm probably too late, but regardless, want to let you know about a house-made spaghetti with tuna hearts that i had there this past wknd--amazing! had a little kick from some chili flakes. tuna hearts shaved into the pasta, perfectly salty and flavorful! favorite dish that i had that night. (also had stewed octopus, wild boar stew, gnochetti with tomato and pork ragu, and the amazing ricotta cale--all delicious, all previously described on the boards!)

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      1. re: gtchow

        First I've heard heard of dried tuna heart in the U.S. They really go the extra km. to get Sardinian flavors.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          robert, i'm shocked you haven't seen the cured tuna heart on incanto's menu.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I had the cured tuna heart shaved over buccatini at Incanto last Saturday, and it was ideal. The dish was prepared almost exactly the same way as the bottarga pasta they make. After trying this dish a few other places around town Incanto's is my gold standard. They use a good dried buccatini, carefully fried slivers of garlic, parsley, and perhaps some red pepper flakes. I wonder if La Ciccia and Incanto share a source for this, or if it's just the season for cured tuna heart?

            1. re: SteveG

              that's so interesting, because when i was ordering at la ciccia, i had originally planned on getting the spaghetti with bottarga and cauliflower--until i heard the specials of the day, including the tuna hearts spaghetti. when i asked the waiter whether it would be worth it to get both, he commented that they were prepared almost the same way, with sorta similar flavor profiles (salty!). haven't tried the cured tuna hearts at incanto yet, but have heard amazing things, so it's time to go back!