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Apr 24, 2007 03:06 PM

Good sushi $50 pp near Westside Theatre

One of the party however does not eat fish!!! (what shes only missing), Sooo we need somewere that does tori kari age or chicken yakitori. In the UK we have a sushi place that does great bento box sets with terriyaki chicken, salad , rice , & veg tempura. Also Donburi and Ramen Soups.

None of my group (various generations)will make decisions, as self designated leader I want to be armed with as much info I can get hold of before we go!

Thank you in advanced

A very confused Brit

Trying to fit 100's of places into 4 days !!

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  1. I would stongly recommend that you stick with your original choice of Yasuda and then just traverse the few blocks west to get to the theatre. Alternatively, Shimizu on W51st between 8th and 9th is excellent.

    You probably could come in at under $50 per person (all in) by doing set lunch options and avoiding booze but I would strongly recommend sitting at the counter and doing piece by piece omakase. Assume that the average cost of a piece of nigiri in either place is $4.75 and then factor in the 25% tax and tip to be added. That would give you 8-9 pieces each. If you can stretch to $70 each, you could have 10 pieces and a roll and that should fill the belly nicely. Alternatively a couple of your group do set price and a couple do piece by piece and you mix and match. Box clever is basically my advice and you definitely won't regret spending the little extra cash for the quality on offer at Yasuda or Shimizu especially when you do piece by piece.

    Both places offer various cooked and non-raw fish items as well.

    1. We've had very good sushi for reasonable prices at Raku on West 47th. It's a tiny place and the owner Ray is very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the sushi (toro, white tuna) and the rolls but a special value is the lobster miso soup (half a lobster in it!). They have bento boxes and non-fish entrees.

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        For good quality sushi on the westside, the best choice is Shimizu, especially if you are not looking to break the bank. I don't know of a runner up. There are plenty adequate local joints, but none that come close to Shimizu if you are looking for high quality/bang for your buck --JMO.

        Ive never ordered anything but sushi, but i believe they have non-fish options.