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Apr 24, 2007 02:50 PM

Caesar in Portland...

who has the best, and why... I have a serious craving !

I'd love suggestions for both sit down restos and take out...

Cheers !

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  1. I did some reports on caesars in town:

    However, there are some good ones that I never reported on, such as Ken's Artisan PIzza, Cafe Castagna's, Carlyle's, and Bluehour's.

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    1. re: extramsg

      thanks!! I was hoping you'd have this; I love the pictures & reviews together!! 8)

    2. I think that Ken's Place (which is closing very soon) on SE Hawthorne makes a great garlicky Caesar. One of the very best I have had in town. Don't know if he will continue to offer it at Kenny & Zuke's when it opens.

      Coming in (very close) at 2nd and 3rd place for me are Cafe Castagna (my partner and I love sharing one and then we each have a burger there...mmmm!) and Basta's.

      As often as I have been to Carlyle (which I love) I have never had their Caesar.