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Apr 24, 2007 02:31 PM

The L. A. Burger Hunt Map

As I attempt to burger my way through L.A., I armed myself with a handy map so I am never far from Medium rare Beef Patties and Melted Sharp Cheddar. Or Blue. Or Swiss. And I love Grilled Onions. Sigh...

There were a few mentioned that I couldn't find, so post the info and I'll gladly add them, as well as any other's. I didn't put any chains other than my nearest In n' Out, you know where they are.

I included an occasional remark from the original thread:

Not sure if that's okay, lemme know and I'll gladly remove the remarks.


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  1. That's great, really great.

    So great, I don't want to suggest any additions because it makes it seem like I'm making corrections.

    But at risk of being forward, might I suggest:

    2575 W. Beverly Blvd.


    George Petrelli's
    5615 Sepulveda Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90230

    and, finally

    The Shack
    185 Culver Boulevard
    Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

    Again, very cool ...

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    1. re: PaulF

      Has anyone tried the lunch burger at Boa? It intrigues me.

      25 Degrees--I've only been once because it's not that convenient--has the best burger that I've eaten.
      One step down but extremely enjoyable nonetheless--a bacon cheeseburger at Library Alehouse in Santa Monica.
      Also in this group is the Amuse burger at Beechwood.

      1. re: Wolfgang

        Thanks! This is great - I'll bookmark it as a reference when I want to find a new burger place. My favorite off the list is Bowry's burger, but also only recently started eating burgers again, so I have quite a few more to try :-)

    2. I am Burger Boy and I would not want you to miss any gems.

      26 Beach Restaurant
      3100 Washington Blvd
      Venice, CA 310-823-7526
      Great Burgers on homemade buns, they just brought back their cheese bun. Angus beef or Kobe. I love the Ole or the Anaheim, sometimes just a cheeseburger extra onion.

      The Bucket
      4541 Eagle Rock Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90041-3214View Map
      Do not know the best way to describe this, it is a burger patty grilled on a small grill maybe 6 at a time, bathed with this yellow mustard garlic cabbage mess. Grab a beer and relax.

      Yakanakis on Valley Blvd. 3 or 4 blocks east of the 605 Frwy.
      Just a great burger stand burger, I usually get the double with extra onions and french fries well done.

      Last but not least my latest obsession, a Burger Taco, you heard right. a hamburger in a taco shell.

      Tried 4 places and the BOMB is the original!

      Original Bill's Taco House
      219 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles

      This article says it all, really REALLY GOOD !

      Enjoy, and I am sorry for any addictions I may have started.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        Burger Boy knows. Thats fer sure. However, I have turn him onto the local Taco Bell that still makes Bell Beefers in El Monte. Therefore, I know something about meat in a bun myself.

        These are my two current favs. At Egg Heaven in Long Beach you can get your burger at breakfast or lunch. This is a nice little corner café with a 60's hippie–like feel and great food. The burger is juicy inside and has a nice crust outside – a two hand burger. I have ate three of these in the last three weeks and each time I notice nice chunks of burger fall unto my plate which I eat with my fingers. I love this burger and this counter.

        Take a friend to Park Ave. for a nice night out to enjoy the best drink, burger, desert in a cool 60's Doogie style dinning room. The burger is a classic chopped sirloin that is everything it should be when served but you would not believe how good it is the next day as well when eaten cold (ya, we ordered way too much food last visit). The prices are very reasonable at Park Ave. Checkout the link. I really feel this are two that should not be missed. In fact we were going to go back to Park Ave, last weekend but all the talk about Milk on Beverly side-tracked us for desert there, therefore, we are headed to Park Ave. this weekend for those steaks and chopped sirloin burgers and oooooh that fruit cruble desert -- beats Milk hands down.

        Egg Heaven Cafe.
        4358 East 4th St. (Corner of East 4th and Ximeno St.)
        Long Beach, CA
        (562) 433-9277

        At Park Ave. Maybe the best chopped sirloin burger anypalce.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Been going to that Taco Bell for a year. There was a post a year or 2 ago that listed 3 or 4 Taco Bells still serving the BellBeffer, I can not find it.

            1. re: tony michaels

              No, i think i looked very closely, thats is not it, it listed 4 Taco Bells LA/OC that still did the BellBeefer and the Encharito.

              1. re: Burger Boy


                Ah, looks like I just repeated myself. One of the 3 signs of the "overly" aged process. ;-D

        2. The first one I clicked on has been bulldozed for over a month: Clearman's Galley. Of all that complex, only the North Woods Inn still stands. Sob.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Just had one last week. They make The Boats menu inside the North Woods until the Boat is rebuilt. Still great


            1. re: JeetJet

              Oh, I am so glad to know that. Thanks!

              1. re: Will Owen

                You are welcome. Sorry for the short post but I was going out the door Now I am back. The Boat was a landmark. However, it is nice having that chili-cheese burger inside the Northwoods. That large tall mug of ice cold beer goes perfect with that burger. This is one of those burgers that each part (bun, meat, chili) by itself is really nothing special but something happens when it all comes together -- a classic good burger. Northwoods serves the Boat menu until 4:00 pm Mon. thru Fri, I think. Call to be sure. When you visit check-out the art in the entry. They have a cool picture of what the Boat will look like once it is rebuilt. Same old Boat but the wharf style buildingds they will build as the dinning rooms will be nice. I think it will be a Hot Spot Sports bar in SGV.

                San Gabriel
                7247 Rosemead Blvd.
                San Gabriel, CA
                (626) 286-8284

          2. What a map! It must've taken a long time to make it. I made a Google Map for cheap eats in Pasadena (with far fewer locations), and then I had to stop. It took too long. :)

            1. awesome. don't forget MORTONs killer burger.

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              1. re: revets2

                Do you mean Morton's on Melrose or the Morton's Steakhouse chain?