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Apr 24, 2007 02:29 PM

Abode restaurant

I went to Abode in Santa Monica last week and thought it had a lot of potential although it's going to be noisy. The "Study in Chocolate" dessert was incredibly rich -- be sure to share!

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  1. Went to experience Abode last Friday night and it was a BIG hit.

    I got the same "sustainable" propaganda that they got hit big against in some recent article ( here ), and took it with a grain of salt hoping that the food would shine through.

    I started with the Oyster tasting, 4 different preparations of oysters, 3 of which I found to be delectable and the presentation was very charming. Couldn't go 4 for 4 because I don't do bloody marrys which is what the number one oyster was in. Date had the Pear Salad, she said was great, I stole a slice of pair and was pleasantly surprised by it's unique marinade, really cool mixture with the already sweetness of the pear's flavor.

    We couldn't coordinate and somehow both ordered the Alaskan Black Cod and it didn't disappoint for being the only main course we got to try. It came with a red rice "ball" that absolutely rocked, I tried my best to break it up so I could have at with as many bites as possible. The fish meat was amazing, and broke apart at a not too tough or easy way that made the knife unnecessary but no chunks running away.

    Finally finished with The Study of Chocolate even though both of us truly felt full, rare in a presentation first mass second type restaurant. I have absolutely know clue how, but the chocolate cake inside of the egg was amazing and perplexing. Similar to eating the ship out of the bottle, except the ship has a sweet gooey chocolate center. All the other chocolate on the plate tasted great, but the egg chocolate cake was king.

    I really wish this place the best, nice looking interior and a dinner I won't stop fantasizing about anytime soon. I'll definitely come back when I have some food lovers to impress.

    1. I went to Abode last Friday and was a bit apprehensive due to the “mixed reviews…”
      I started at the bar and had the most amazing Green Tea Martini my friend had the Lychee Martini. The presentation was stunning and the bartender was delightful ;-0. The Lobster spring rolls were too greasy and the Lamb was tasty, but the portion way too small. I will definitely bring friends to the lounge for another amazing martini!

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        1. We went to brunch yesterday and it was pretty good. They serve you tasty warm rolls with honey butter and a nice berry jam. We had eggs benedict(nice aged prosciutto) and short ribs hash. They were both good and the french press coffee was nice also. The service was great and our waiter was very nice.

          1. my goodness, I just ate there 2 days ago and it was breath taking! the plating of each dish was an artwork, but tasted as good as it looks! The oyster shots was amazing! the taste of yuzu gelee was definately delicious! The pork tenderloin with the smoked gouda in the middle was yummy!! I have to go back to order that again! My friend and I ordered the molten chocolate cake inside of an egg shell! It hit the spot! especially if you are a chocolate lover as I am! Great restaurant and looking foward eating there again shortly!

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              What are the prices like? Dinner for two is...?

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                They have large plates and smaller plates. The small plates run from about $7 for an artichoke dish to $19 for foie gras. Bigger plates are around $20-$39ish. Very reasonable and the food is great.