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Apr 24, 2007 02:24 PM

Nice Restaurant List

My husband and I will be staying in Eze for two nights at the end of our trip to Provence - and would love some feedback on restaurants in the area. If anyone has any suggestions, we'd be much obliged! I'm aware of La Mere Germain in Villefranche, and was thinking of there for lunch one day. Anything good on Cap Ferrat or in Beaulieu for lunch? Some we were trying to decide between for dinner in Nice were:
L'Ane Rouge
La Petite Maison
La Meranda
La Zucca Magica

Thanks!! If there's anything outstanding Michelin wise, we're game - but also are willing to go for more casual meals - we're most interested in quality and experience.

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  1. Love L'Ane Rouge. They make amazing Bourride! and La Merenda is wonderful too, tho I haven't been there in a while...

    Don''t miss getting Socca from Bar Rene Socca in the Old Nice Marketplace! it's delicious and a Nice tradition... Also Alziari for ollives and olive oil (some of the best in Provence) right near the Old Port.

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      LoveLa Merenda and the restaurant right next door to it (Lou Pistou I think) - its tiny, so do make reservations. Its also very simple: you will have great pistou and lemon tart perhaps, but don't expect michelin-three star stuff.