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Knives in the Triangle

I'm looking to buy myself some new knives. Where in the Triangle can I go to check some out? I'm planning on trying them out in a store, then buying online, as they appear to be cheaper online.

I'm especially interested in checking out Shun knives, but it would be nice to have a selection to choose from.

Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. There is a great knife shop in McGregor Village, Cary, called....I think....Beck's Cutlery. They seem to have just about everything.

    1. I second that Beck's has a great selection and great personable service. Also if you are into collecting dolls they have that too. I wouldnt go anywhere else for either.

      1. Williams-Sonoma at Southpoint carries Shun knives.

        A related question: How about knife sharpening? Who do you trust with your knives? I'm on the Chapel Hill/ Durham side, so prefer not to drive to Raleigh or Cary if possible. But I tried one place, I won't mention names, with one of my cheaper knives and was not happy.

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          I get mine sharpened at Kitchenworks at the University mall in Chapel Hill. They are reasonable, too, at 50 cents per inch.

        2. Along witht eh other posters - beck's Cutlery for both purchase and sharpening. Really a nice shop. Great selection of knives from high-end vendors. I was really impressed with some of the Japanese vegetable knives. Very, very nice.

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            I have been getting my knives sharpened at Beck's for 10 years. The couple who runs it are very knowledgeable and friendly. They also have the best selection of Swiss Army knives available. Their prices for the S.A. knives cannot be beat.

          2. So, if you actually go to an local, independent place for help like Kitchenworks in Ch. Hill, spend a few extra bucks and support a local business. It's just rude to have them help you and then buy things online. I don't feel that applies so much to places like William Sonoma which has no problems raking it in.

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              I agree with suse. Doesn't square with the Golden Rule.

            2. We went to Beck's today, but apparently they're closed on the first Tuesday of every month. Ack! We'll be back on Saturday, I think.

              I think we've decided to buy there rather than online. Supporting local business is indeed better.

              1. Finally made it to Beck's (I was out of the country for a while, then we were short on cash). We ended up buying a Victorinox 8" chef's knife, a magnetic holder and a sharpener. Mrs. Beck was wonderful: she let me take my time going through around 10 different options. In the end, it came down to the Victorinox vs a Shun with a wooden handle and dimples. I decided on the former, as the latter's handle was too straight and I liked the weight and feel of the Victorinox better.

                Now I'm busy chopping things! Yay!

                Thanks for everyone's advice.

                By the way, quick ad for them: they sharpen 8-10" knives for $3.75!