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Apr 24, 2007 02:08 PM

A menu for little girls

We are having a celebration this weekend with seven little girls, ranging from 4 to 8 years old. I'm thinking along the lines of a tea partyish food. Cut out crustless sandwiches with fillings they might actually consider, and some little fruit skewers. Stemmed glasses with ribbons will be used and I am putting punch through a little plastic fountain. Was going to do a chocolate fountain, but dopeslapped myself out of that idea. Anything unique and still a little familiar to add, either foodwise or in setting the scene?

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  1. --Tiny cupcakes, baked in a mini muffin tin and iced in various colors, arranged on a multi-tiered cake stand or dessert tray
    --chocolate dipped strawberries (who doesn't like choc strawberries? and if the kids turn up their noses, that's more for you!)
    --oven-fried chicken tidbits (bits of boneless/skinless breast cut up, a classy nugget of sorts---if you're worried about greasy fingers serve it on a skewer)
    --boiled, peeled shrimp, arranged on the rim of a glass with a little ketchup-y cocktail sauce (where I live, kids are fed seafood in utero and they all seem to love shrimp)
    --pretty, cut-out cookies in a seasonal shape, perhaps with each child's name? you could also use these as placecards or a take-home favor.

    Do some sort of fruit dip for the skewers, and make a few cheese skewers, too.

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      or have the cookie part be interactive: have cookie dough, cutters and garnishes (chocolate chips, raisins, sprinkles, etc.) all set up so the girls can make their own giant cookie. they decorate and you pop in the oven.

    2. A friend & I once did a pink and black Deco birthday party with flowers & food in those colors ... the all pink would be cute for little girls. You could make ham and cream cheese pinwheels ...

      1. - You could rim the stemmed glasses in colored (pastel) sugar. Very festive.
        - Also, my mom used to cut my sandwiches with cookie cutters and use two different types bread. Imagine an adorable heart and star shaped sandwiches with the top half out of white bread and the bottom out of wheat bread.
        - I have a friend who did a pink puddle theme party for her little girl. Very cute. Another did a ballet theme and gave all the little girls in attendance tulle skirts to wear (easy to make and cheap at a fabric store)

        1. Even without a chocolate fountain, you could have some fun dipping sauces for the fruit and add in marshmallows and cookies or cake, I would do a chocolate sauce, a caramel, and a strawberry syrup, but the options (and colors, if you are willing to use food coloring are limitless). If you want to cut down on shared germs, you can give each girl her own little plate or cup for all the sauces or one for each sauce.

          1. I would suggest raw cookie dough rolled into little balls. You can make it safe just use a raw egg substitute (baking soda and water will do the trick) and they go over real well. You could fancy them up by dipping them in chocolate or shaping them etc.