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Apr 24, 2007 01:45 PM

6 best and 3 worst BBQ Brisket in LA and the Valley

I love BBQ brisket. I was wondering where I should go to get quality, satisfying BBQ brisket, and what places I should definitely avoid. And why?

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  1. I like Dr. Hogly Wogly in the Valley & J&J Burger Shack & BBQ on Adams, 2 blocks east of Fairfax, for brisket. Here is a list of places i have accumulated.

    BBQ Places in and around LA, this list was accumulated recently and is by no means accurate. I have not had time to go through it. Please call these places before you go..

    B&B BBQ_
    Bear Pit Bar-B –que
    Benny's BBQ _
    BBQ King_
    Bones Bar-B-Q Shack _
    Dr Hogly Wogly’s Texas Barbeque GREAT
    Greece’s_Gus's BBQ. _
    Hill’s Backyard BBQ Diner_
    Jay-Bee’s _
    J&J Burger Shack and BBQ GREAT
    J&R BBQ_
    Johnny Reb’s_
    Kenny's "Q" _
    King's Texas Barbeque _
    Leo's Bar-B-Cue GONE
    Lucille’s Smokehouse Barbeque_
    M&M Soul Food_
    Mr Cecils_
    My Brother’s Bar-B-Q_
    Outdoor Grill_
    Pecos Bill's Pit B-B-Q_
    Phillip's GREAT
    The Pig _
    The Rib Nest GREAT
    Rib Ranch_
    Ribs USA_
    Robin's Woodfire BBQ and Grill_
    Smokin’ Jack’s Kansas City Barbeque. _
    Tasty Q GREAT
    Tony’s_Walkers Smoke Pit_
    Western Smokehouse
    Winfrey’s Pit _
    Woody's Bar-B-Que _
    Zeke's Smokehouse
    Tony Roma’s_
    Wood Ranch

    LBJ's Fine Foods, in extreme north Long Beach, on 6617 Cherry Ave., immediately south of the 91 Fwy._562-422-3606.

    Here are the places in Long Beach on Atlantic Ave.:__

    Rib City_Smokey's

    Rib Hut (9109 S Central Ave, Watts, (323) 566-1829). Not the best but certainly good.__

    El Paso (18938 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, (818) 996-5607). I don't know if you'd call it a BBQ place since it serves a fair variety of other things, but the BBQ ribs are pretty high quality.

    The Pit on Vermont Ave. just North of 54th Street.__

    I can't remember the name but that church on El Segundo just West of Avalon - my current favorite spot. Only selling on Saturdays and maybe Fridays.

    Bam Bam BBQ (Glendora)_

    BBQ Pitstop (LA)_
    Best in Town Barbeque (LA)_
    Big Al's (Woodland Hills)_
    Black Rose & Sweet Willie's Bar!!!! (LA - gotta go there this weekend!)_
    Cliff's Texas Style Burritos! (Compton)_
    Harvey's (Carson)_
    Jackson Barbeque (Downey)_
    Jones Barbeque (LA)_
    Lick-E-Fingers BBQ (Long Beach)_
    Long Beach BBQ & Hotwing (Long Beach)_
    Ohio New Orleans BBQ (Altadena)_
    Old Hickory (Studio City)_
    Q Pit (Carson)_
    R&W (Long Beach)_
    RJ's (Beverly Hills)_
    Rattlers (Santa Clarita)_
    Santa Maria BBQ Co. (Culver City)_
    Smokin' Joe's (Lynwood)_
    Speedy & Gwen's Place !!! (LA)_
    Whos BBQ (Lakewood)

    B&M BBQ (Compton)_
    Bodacious BBQ (Carson, pass by this all the time on the way to Galaxy games)_
    D&A's Smokey Pit BBQ (Compton)_
    Winfrey's Pit BBQ (Compton)_
    BBQ Factory (Rancho Palos Verdes)_
    Bill's BBQ House (Montebello)_
    Gaffey's (San Pedro - I remember seeing other places in the area as well)_
    Huston's (Los Angeles)_
    Steve's (Whittier)_
    Aunt Jenny's (Hawthorne)_
    Earle's (Los Angeles)_
    Sammy's (West Hollywood


    First, Old Fashion Flavor BBQ Market on Western seems interesting - it gets props from Steve Harvey, who gave them a Hoodie award this year.

    Uncle Andre's just west of it at Colfax is better.

    Granpa Freds

    Studio Bar-B-Q in N.Hollywood _

    Chicago For Ribs by LAX_Rosie's in Northridge_

    The Rib Rack in Pacomia_

    Big Daddy's in Woodland Hills

    Also, Joey's BBQ (Pomona branch).

    Hutch's BBQ in Pasadena.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Big Mama's Rib Shack should be added to this list. My GF and I went there on Sunday and we were both really pleased. The BBQ has a great smokeyness to it and their BBQ sauce is really top notch - better than most that I've tried. A lot of places make their sauce too sweet, like Robins and Barn Burners here in Pasadena. Big Mama's is more tangy with a nice spicy kick. I really like Big Mama's blackened catfish and spicy Cajun fries too.

      It's appropriate that Barn Burners isn't on your list...

    2. I have to concur with spankbot on Barn Burner. It's a lot of hype about a lot of nothing. I prefer Big Mamas soul food menu over their BBQ. The fried fish, chicken and greens are 1st rate with me. I also have to rate Robin's BBQ above Big Mamas because I've never had a problem with their meats. I get the Mad Dog sauce because it's not too sweet and it's got a bite. They also make a killer blueberry corn bread, it's great. I always ask for an extra one for the next days breakfast.

      1. The best brisket I have ever had was at Zeke's in Montrose. I agree with the poster that Barn Burner is nothing special.Off the subject slightly but the best baby back ribs I have ever had was at Towehys in San Marino ,it is a coffee shop but periodically they have an all you can eat ribs special that is exceptional.