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Apr 24, 2007 01:41 PM

Authentic Mexican in northern NJ (Bergen County)

Hey everyone,

Born in NJ .. lived in NYC for awhile and now back in NJ (Hackensack). When in NYC we loved finding the small mexican joints that served real mexican food and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places in bergen county?

Thanks in advance

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  1. If you're willing to venture into Rockland County, try Dona Maria Bistro in Suffern. Nice array of creative, fresh Mexican food that goes well beyond the taco/burrito/drowning in gloppy melted cheese fare that pases for Mexican food.

    1. Not in Bergen county, but if you are willing to travel to Morris county, i love Casa Maya in Meyersville!

      1. Not in Bergen, but in Morris County is a little store-front place called Fresco De Noche Restaurant @ Fresco Deli on Route 206 in Flanders. Small place, best for take-out, but makes some really terrific Mexican food. While the menu is targeted to more familiar Tex-Mex dishes, they are executed in authentic roots. They also have some less known offerings. Amazingly fresh Guacamole and they use freshly made corn tortillas, exactly like the ones I have experienced in Mexico.

        The deli also has some great sandwitches and non-Mexican offerings.

        Here is the website:

        And I do not have any affliation with this company, I am simply a fan that would like to see this small local business thrive.

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          Hi Springhaze2...thanks for the kind words...I am the owner of Fresco Mexican. We are still around and currently renovating the Flanders restaurant. We have a second location in Chester NJ now, 137 Main street

        2. There's a spot in Westwood I'm going to try out...i'll tell ya how it is

          Also, downtown Englewood on Pallisades in the "not-so-blazingly caucasian" area near the circle, there's a mini mex restaurant/grocery store (almost next to NY and company).

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            The one in Englewood is called El Paso. It's good if you're in the neighborhood (I really do like the chorizo and egg torta and the Alambres, which is a kitchen sink type of meat concoction), but if you're travelling I prefer La Batalla in Bergenfield not too far away. The chorizo, cecina and lengua are all much better. I'd also avoid the carnitas at El Paso- it's served with small chunks of cartilage, which I'm not too crazy about.

            1. re: TongoRad

              Glad you replied to the englewood post...been meaning to check it out for months and now that I know they have a killer torta, I'm there....

              Agree with yer assessment of la batalia's carnitas to cartilage ratio...that's what kinda grossed me out last time I was there, but I gotta say, they've got killer salsa..

              .by the way, have you been back to mi peublo in Bergenfield since the new owners? The last tamale I had there was absolutely the last tamale I'd ever have there, but I'm wondering if it's improved since then (about 1 mo. after takeover).

              1. re: TongoRad

                That probably was skin (or cuero), not cartilege in the carnitas. Although you may not like it, that would make it more authentic than most of the gringo stuff that passes for carnitas. When I used to go get "bootleg" carnitas in So Cal (sold only on weekends by a guy who made it in his garage), my friend from Mexico City would only eat the cuero and nothing else. It is an acquired taste however.

            2. Just take the Midtown Approach Bridge across the Hackensack River into Bogota. I do not know the name of the place, but right on Main Street directly across from The US Post Office is a very small restaurant(BYOB). Most of the menu is $10 or less and the food is all freshly made. The Steak or Pork Tacos were $2 last time I was there. Anyone I have ever suggested this restaurant to has always been pleasantly surprised and pleased.