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Apr 24, 2007 01:21 PM

Wellington's Restaurant in Calgary- Best Restaurant Experience I've had in ages

With the common less-than-stellar service delievered in many a Calgarian restaurant, I think it's too easy to forget what impeccable service and food in a restaurant feels like.
I was reminded last Sunday after my experience at Wellington's (10325 Bonaventure Dr SE).

I wanted to give credit where credit is due. This is a wonderful place in Calgary to take visitors wishing to experience that perfectly medium-rare Albertan filet mignon (or any other steak on the menu, for that matter.)

I had the filet, perfectly melt-in-your-mouth medium rare, and a granny smith apple pie for dessert (with vanilla bean gelato). Our waiter (and soon-to-be GM), Garreth, was a wealth of information pertaining to Wellington's wine and spirits list. He even went so far as to bring out maps of the various wine regions to show us.

The service style was traditional, classy, and in no way intrusive or overdone.

After dinner we retired to the lounge to enjoy the tail end of the hockey game, where the bartender handed us beers on the house. For three cocktails, three steak dinners, three desserts, a bottle of wine and three appertifs, the total came to under $200.


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  1. Your experience at Wellingtons is a common experience. I first visited Wellingtons about 25 years ago when my parents took me there as a teenager and have been back more times than I can count. (in fact I have reservations there tomorrow) and I have never had a meal there that i can even say "it could have been better" Every meal I have had there has been cooked to perfection. The service has always been second to none. Everyone I have ever taken there or recommended they go there has raved about the food and service.
    If you are looking for great food and amazing service the Wellingtons is where you should be going.

    1. We had dinner at Wellington's last night, as friends had invited us. When we walked in, I thought it was 1975! Very old school look. I wasn't expecting much but I must say, I was pleasantly suprised. I had veal cutlets ($18), there were two very very tender slices with a light breading (definately no deep frying involved here), I asked for the mushroom sauce on the side, just in case it was bad. It was fine. Slightly processed but ok. The sides were roast potatoes and julienne carrots. All of the veggies were cooked to perfection. Friends both loved the peppercorn chicken, although it looked like it had a little too much sauce for my liking.

      We were in the lounge and the service was very good, attentive and quick. Our waitress was an older lady dressed in a smart black skirt suit. A refreshing change from the 20-something 'pretty people' at most of the downtown restos now a days.

      4 of us had two wines each and an entree for $120. I felt that was quite reasonable. I'm not sure why I have never been to this place before but I think I will be back for sure.

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        I've never been, but I've heard nothing but great things about Wellington's. Sometimes it's fun to walk back into 1975 - even if it is tacky! Reef n' Beef in the NE is another place like that, although I don't think it's as "fancy" as Wellington's, if you know what i mean (hahaha!).

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          Some of my husband's family are very old school and have lived in Calgary most of their lives. Wellington's is their go-to place for a special dinner. They can't say enough about it. We've never been, and wanted to try it one day. Thanks for the great reviews.

      2. My husband and another couple were there for dinner last night. I received a gift certificate, otherwise I don't think I'd have ever stepped in the door, because it's out of our neck of the woods. That would have been sad because we'd have missed a great food experience. The decor is a bit dated, and the diners skew toward the late baby boomer/older crowd, but that was actually kind of nice - no yackky people on their cell phones for a change. Even though we are a bit younger, we didn't feel out of place. For the food choices: my husband had Oysters. He said they were very good. He and the other couple had Caesar salad prepared from scratch tableside - and all three said it was terrific - nice and garlicy, little bit of spice. I had the spinach salad with oranges and grapefruit with raspberrry vinaigrette. Awesome!! For dinner choices we had: ribeye's with mushrooms and baked potato. Ribeye, mushrooms and stuffed potato. Steak neptune with stuffed potato, and beef wellington with roast potatoes. Every steak was done to perfection, and the stuffed potato's were fantastic (we all shared a bit). None of us had ever tried a beef wellington, and I can tell you that we will be going back to have that again. It was so tasty. We were stuffed unfortunately so had to pass on dessert, but the choices for dessert looked great so will remember that for next time. The service was just really great - our waiter took very good care of us, was there, without being on top of us, and was extremely personable and well spoken. No "what kin I getcha?' here.

        1. I've been there a few times for a work lunch and it's a little old school but if it ain't broke then don't fix it. Food and service is awesome compared to the fancy overpriced chains nowadays.

          I will have to try the beef wellington as I've never in my life had it yet. If it's anything like their steaks, I doubt I'll be disappointed.

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            I have been going to Wellington's for years, and wouldn't go anywhere else for steak or seafood. They have the best chefs in that kitchen and I've never had a bad steak, or any other plate for that matter. And I've pretty much tried everything! It may be old school yes, but it's warm and cozy, and they make you feel at home there. Don't always need modern and contemporary decor to fill your tummy. It's a great gift to give someone (gift certificate)..........they always appreciate it! Prices are competetive to any other other steak house (I think Caesar's is even more $$), but really, service and food quality is A-1, top notch. Servers are very professianal yet personable. They treat you like family and they see to it that you have a great experience. I LOVE Wellington's!

          2. After readings several strong reviews here, my wife and I decided to go for dinner here on Friday night. Was a great experience. The food was very good. We both had the Baked French Onion soup to start. My wife had the Beef Wellington, while I had the Ribeye steak. My steak was cooked marvelously, just the way one wants it. It had a nice crispy outside, with a perfect med rare inside. My wife's Beef Wellington was absolutely delicious.

            At the end of the meal, both of us were too full for dessert, so nothing to report.

            It's definitely a step back a few years, feels like an old-school steakhouse. At 28 years old, my wife and I were the youngest folks there, but weren't uncomfortable at all.

            To anybody that likes a really nicely cooked steak, this place is in line with a Caesar's or Hy's. Excellent meal, excellent experience.