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Apr 24, 2007 01:20 PM

Best things to get at Little Next Door

We're doing a picnic next saturday. I'm making the sammiches myself...a pressed grilled veggie and lentil salad and a tuna nicoise (spelled wrong?).

We have a $35 gift certificate for Little Next Door. They serve breakfast items till two, so it overlaps with lunch items.

What are some of the yummiest things they offer?

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  1. I am very fond of the carrot salad...

    The macaroons and chocolates are usually quite good.

    1. OMGAWDDD the quiche. Get the quiche!! Treat yourself to one of the chefs jams too. The quince and geranium rules with cheese.

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      1. re: rachaels

        Sounds scrummy-yummy! What cheeses do they have?

        1. re: Diana

          Mostly French I believe. I haven't bought cheese there, but I know they have quite a few types. They also make a killer pate.

          1. re: rachaels

            mmmmmmm...pate! Oh golly, this is gonna be good!

      2. Two words: Tarte Tatin.

        Yeah, it's a dessert, but still.

        1. i just went this morning and had a killer moca. KILLER! I also love those little birdhouses they have for giftbaskets. They're adorable.

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          1. re: rachaels

            Do they really serve breakfast items till 2?

          2. how is their charcuterie platter??? going to go sunday morning and pick up some stuff for a mother's day picnic