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Apr 24, 2007 01:03 PM

Hommus Hannah VS Sabra

I recently tasted the best hommus at Costco Wholesale in Massachusetts. This was under the Hannah Brand Label. I was wondering what people think of this hommus verse the other brand that they carry called Sabra before I purchase it to give it a try. I have tried some other great products from Hannah, especially their Bruschetta, Tzatziki (yummy) and Spinach Dip so naturally that was my first choice of hommus.

What are your thoughts on Hannah vs Sabra Hommus

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  1. I have been eating hummus since I was a kid, well before you could find it in every store. Sabra is my favorite, miles above the supermarket or even my father's. I have not, however, had Hannah... I'll ask for some the next time my family goes to Costco.

    1. There is nothing that Hannah makes that approaches Sabra, especially their garlic Hommus. The Nashua Costco carries both.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. There's been two threads on this topic in the last year....Personally, I like both of them and think they are both good. I switch off between the two. I've been eating the Hannah one for years. Sabra is ground to a finer consistency and I find it a bit oilier. Regardless of which of the regular tubs I buy, I always grab Hannah's Roasted Peppers & Jalapeno Hommus....I'm into the tzatziki these days as well. I wasn't into the spinach dip though. The Costco in Queens used to have this great portabello mushroom dip/spread thing (not by Hannah's), but it disappeared a long time ago.