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Apr 24, 2007 01:02 PM

Where to find good Yamikake?

I used to go to a place in Jtown, restaurant was located next to Mitsuwa on the first floor, but has closed down since.

I live in the IE, but would like any recommendations.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. what's yamikake? I'm japanese and never heard such food before...

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    1. re: radgirl

      Probably they are talking about Tororo, which is also called yamakake and is the slippery paste made from grated yamaimo - or mountain potato. It's may be eaten on top of sashimi and served with hot rice or in a soup.

      1. re: tony michaels

        Yamakake, okey that would make sense

    2. I didn't order it, but I saw yamakake at the new udon shop next to Santouka at the Mitsuwa Market in West L.A. (on Centinela north of Venice).

      1. According to another post, they have yamakake at "Sushi Go 55" on Alameda.

        1. this may be one of my least favorite dishes out of any cuisine. It reminds me of a big bowl of snot.

          But I digress...I think I saw it on the menu at Sasaya on Santa Monica and Barrington, and Hamakaya on Central and 2nd in Jtown serves it, with tuna if I remember.

          1. Yes the texture and appearance is something that you need to move past but it is such a wonderful compliment to a dish. My most satisfying experience with yamikake was at sobaya in new york, served over cold soba and it was delicious. It adds a starchy goodness that cannot be matched. But then I also grew up with rice mixed with a raw egg and sesame oil drizzled onto...another amazing dish... Point being give it a try.