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Apr 24, 2007 01:00 PM

Fish City Grill in The Triangle

Just noticed today where a placed called The Fish City Grill is going to open up in The Triangle. Anyone know anything about this place or any of the other upcoming places in The Triangle? It'd be nice to get a few good places over there since I work across the street, but so far I've not been impressed with the single offering (Mandola's).

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  1. Looks like a regional chain. There's already one open south so maybe someone has experience

    1. Their website - - says little, although might get updated in the future. (I hope linking is allowed here).

      I actually quite like Mandola's, although you do have to be at ease with that style of dining ... or were you talking about the food?

      1. Flipnotics is totally local and cool. Not sure how extensive the menu will be - prob something more like the original location than the Satellite Cafe.

        1. I have been to Fish City Grill several times because they have a program which donates a portion of sales to various charities and I wnated to support those efforts. Food is okay- not great, but slightly better than most other chains. The cream of jalenpeno soup is nice on a cold day and the cocunut shrimp salad is decent. I think Mandolas's and Flipnotics are better, but this may be a viable option for you.

          1. For a chain Fish City Grill is pretty good. I would recommend the cream of jalapeƱo soup, their cajun spiced pot roast, blue crab stuffed mushrooms and for something light...their fried shrimp cobb salad.

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              Hmmm - sounds like you've been there a few's the management?