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Apr 24, 2007 10:15 AM

Noe Valley?

Suggestions on MUST restaurants, cafes, etc. in and around Noe Valley? We'll be there next month for 5 days staying in the area. No preference re style, price, cuisine, just excellence important - kick-ass gourmet to hole-in-the-wall is fine.

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  1. I replied in another topic as the title of this one doesn't relate to your question:

    1. I'll throw in Lupa for simple neighborhood Italian, and LeZinc if you have time for an authentic (slow-paced) Paris vibe. Pasta Pomodoro works well for a quick, good counter meal, and eating at the bar at Fresca (Peruvian ceviches etc.) is a great way to avoid their service/seating issues and still get the great food. We always go for the bar at La Ciccia (Sardinian) and Pescheria (Italian seafood in SF Chronicle's newest top 100).

      I also recommend Swatdee Thai and MiLindo Yucatan on 24th for cheap good ethnic the MUST OP may not get at home.

      Down the hill I'd add Front Porch (southern comfort) and also eat at the bar for quick service and fun vibe.

        1. re: sgwood415

          Seconding Incanto; the place is stellar. Lovejoy's Tea Room is a fun place for well-drawn Taylors of Harrogate and excellent scones.

          1. re: mizchalmers

            It's been a little while since I've lived near or visited San Francisco. Incanto has also been previously recommended to me. We will be there in October, staying right by the Moscone Center. Anyone know travel distance time between there (Marriott) and Incanto/Noe Valley area. Reasonable taxi ride? Thanks.

            1. re: markabauman

              Incanto's about a 20 minute ride on the Muni Metro J line (longer if you have to wait a while for a train), and in the non-subway portion of the ride you get a great view out over the city as it goes over the hill. Four miles / 15 minutes by cab.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Gotta agree on that train ride; I look for any excuse to ride the J out there, for the twists and turns in between houses in addition to the view.

        2. I wouldn’t say these are a must but just to give you different options other than what’s already been posted.

          Brunch/Lunch: Eric’s on Church St. for a cheap Chinese lunch special Mon-Sat until 3pm, all dishes around $5, Toast on Church St, Kookez on 24th at Castro, Hamano Sushi on 24th & Castro, sit at the sushi bar for better service and cheaper lunch specials, Barney’s Burgers at 24th and Castro.

          Dinner: Firefly at 24th and Douglass St, Lupa on 24th at Castro for Italian, Pomelo on Church.

          Extras: Noe Valley Bakery on 24th St for a “Mostess” Cupcake, Chocolate Covered on 24th St for inexpensive, great tasting chocolate, Saturday’s Farmers Market 8am-noon, rain or shine on 24th at Sanchez, Lehr’s German Specialties on Church St (check expiration dates if you want to buy anything first!).

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          1. re: morgan_66

            Eric's is sort of yuppified Cal-Chinese. Food's very good for what it is but if you like hardcore traditional Chinese it may disappoint.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Agreed, but there isn't any other Chinese in Noe Valley other than Alice's which are the same owners. Like I said, I was offering other basic options, not necessarily upscale. I think Eric's lunch specials are a good value for the money even though it's not traditional Chinese.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                You are right-on in regards to Eric's. Perfect description.

                ...I went there once and wouldn't go back.

            2. I'd second the Firefly recommendation and also suggest Pescheria on Church. It's a little small, but the fish in parchment is excellent.