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Apr 24, 2007 12:26 PM

Urgent Request for Tonight from DC Hound. Anything good near Lafayette and Canal?

My boss just checked into a hotel on Lafayette near Canal and called to ask me to find some dinner recs. Help!

Moderately priced. Mexican, Chinese, American, French. Pretty much anything but sushi. TIA NY hounds.

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  1. Those streets run parallel. . .nonetheless there is plenty in the SOHO, Nolita, NOHO area which you are likely describing. For casual American there's: Prune and 5 points. Mexican there's Cafe El Portal. French(ish) there's Balthazar. Chinese: china town is a short walk from where I think you're talking about. I also hear that Savoy is pretty good.

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      I reccommend either Savoy or Balthazar

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        Thanks Chowcito. He's near Canal and Lafayette.

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          Try Savoy -- the food is good.

          Balthazar is 100% likely to be booked full. Most days it is overbooked except for the really early or really late reservations but today for sure. It's Balthazar's 10th they are giving away free bubbly so...

          Def try Five points on Great JOnes. It's classy and delicious american. I also like Il Buco on Bond Street off LAfayette. Rustic Italian settings. Great food.

          Also try Barmarche in Nolita excellent flatbreads. American food as well. Most of the places I suggest aren't as well known to the general public and tourists as Balthazar so hopefully you will be able to find a reservation in one of those places.

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            my bad. . .for some reason i thought the OP said lafayette and broadway.

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              I did, but edited my original post after reading yours ; )

        2. BTW to the poster above, Lafayette and Canal are definitely not parallel.

          Your boss is pretty much near the heart of Chinatown, (I'm guessing the Chinatown Holiday Inn?) but picking a place can be overwhelming. My recommendations would be Joe's Shanghai on Pell St (tell him or her to order the soup dumplings and ignore the 80's neon lights), Dim Sum Go Go on East Broadway on Chatham Sq. (much more stylish looking than a lot of other Chinatown spots, and excellent and innovative dim sum). I'll defer to other more experienced Chowhounds to recommend other spots in the area, there's a lot of heated debate on Chinatown around here.

          Joe's -->
          Dim Sum Go Go -->

          For French I like Raoul's on Prince St.

          For good American/British/Irish bar food try Puck Fair on Lafayette directly across from the Puck Building near Houston.

          For late night dining with an excellent wine list, I like Cafe Noir on Thompson and Grand (head straight across west from the hotel). They serve Morrocan/French influenced tapas, very reasonably priced in a great atmosphere.

          1. Two nicer options would be Dennis Foy or Bread just South of there in Tribeca.
            If he wants to eat by himself in a nice beer garden atmosphere I recommend Soho Park for great burgers and sides. On Prince and Lafayette.

            1. More ideas:
              Lombardi's (pizza)
              La Esquina (Mexican)
              Mexican Radio (Mexican)
              Nha Trang (Vietnamese)
              Il Cortile (Italian)
              Nyonya (Malaysian)

              1. Indochine!! It has been there FOREVER. Everyone always loves it, especially those from out of NY. It is on Lafayette across from Public Theater. If you have to wait for a table, the lounge area is really nice.