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Apr 24, 2007 12:15 PM

Best places which deliver to E. 90's?

I like El Paso for Mexican, Kebap G. for passable but not great Turkish kebabs and Delizia 92 for Pizza. I wish Saigon Grill would re-open. Is it ever planning to? What are some great places that deliver to the E. 90's/Carnegie Hill? Open to any recs. What about the new Turkish on Lexington near the 92Y? I can't wait for the Cambodian place to open. Is Square Meal open yet? Do they deliver? Any good? Please feel to answer and or all of these questions.

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  1. Square Meal is not opened yet.

    Zebu Grill on 92nd and 2nd delivers and is quite good, although the menu is a bit limited.

    For pizza I like Pintaille's on 91st and Madison.

    The newish U Too cafe in front of 92nd St. Y also delivers, although they don't open on Saturdays.

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    1. re: Toot

      Nick's Pizza is far better than Pintaile's IMO.

      1. re: jeanki

        I agree - every time I order from Pintaile's, the crust is limp and soggy and the toppings have slid off.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I've had the same issues and it was cold.

          1. re: Withnail42

            Same. I actually love Pintaile's, but only when I pick it up there.

          2. re: MMRuth

            That's funny, that's exactly my experience with Nick's; that's why I don't order from them anymore. The pizza always comes cold. I live very close to Pintaille's and whenever they deliver to us the pizza is very hot and fresh from the oven. Now I'm craving for pizza....

            1. re: Toot

              I'm literally around the corner from Pintaile's so I'm always surprised. Now that I think of it though, I think the last pie I got from Nick's was a bit soggy. Oh well - I don't need to be eating pizza anyway!

      2. What's Square Meal?

        There are plenty of options. Pio Pio definitely for Peruvian chicken and sides. Though their delivery is quite slow, call way ahead.

        I don't know how far up they go but I have been very impressed so far with the new Land Northeast Thai on 2nd & 81st. They deliver, you should check how far.

        Gauchas Empanadas, next door to Pio Pio on 1st/90th-91st delivers empanadas really cheap that are delicious. Spinach and cheese and the chicken one are recommended. With garlicky chimichurri sauce. So good.

        For Mexican I have recently re-discovered Taco Taco on 2nd and 89th, but I see you already have a favorite for that.

        The other good new place is BBeeQ, a Korean BBQ place on 2nd and 90th or 91st or 92nd, around there. I have only been there once so far because it just opened but it seems to be healthy fresh Korean options. Need to try more before I am sure.

        By the way- with all the labor probs they are having, I doubt Saigon Grill will reopen soon and even if they do, they're not delivering I don't think because of this dispute.

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        1. re: Bugsey34

          Thanks Bugsey34, I agree about Gaucha's...Steak is pretty there good too and a bargain. Pio Pio has good chicken, but I'm not as fond of their side dishes. I just saw BBeeQ's menu on and almost flipped. The neighborhood definitely needed a Korean place. Now all we need is an Afghan that delivers this far (the two on 2nd ave in the 70's don't.)

          1. re: Bugsey34

            By the way, Square Meal is where Joanna's used to be, right around the corner from Yura's (Madison/92nd.) I believe it's run by the same people who run Yura's.

            1. re: lucybobo

              It is ... I went by the other day walking the dog at 6am and was told that, although they had initially planned for Square Meal to be open by now, they've switched to supplying Yura's next door with all of its food from the Square Meal kitchen, and apparently that "transition" has taken longer than expected and so Square Meal hasn't opened yet. Also noticed that they changed the name of the Yura's on Third to "Corner".

              Went to the new Joanna's a couple of weeks ago and it is pretty decent - pricey - but all of the places on that block pretty much are. It's always packed, I've noticed.

              1. re: MMRuth

                Went back to Joanna's - with my husband this time - and we concluded that it is just over priced for the quality of the food. Nothing wrong with it, but I'd rather spend $160 somewhere else (2 drinks, 2 apps, 2 main courses, inexpensive bottle of wine).

            2. re: Bugsey34

              Yes the Buddha BBeeQ is a very welcome addition to the area and they have other pan-asian specialties as well. their version of kalbi is quite tasty (and remarkably well priced). Gauchas empanadas also serves excellent steaks for the price. Sala Thai is average but ok Thai. Wu Liang Ye delivers to the nabe (real Szechuan). Isohama has decent Japanese entrees. Don Pedro's serves decent upscale pan Latino food.

            3. For really good Chinese I'd recommend Szechuan Kitchen. They make really good dumpling, not those crazy doughy ones. I always order Chef Special Chicken, Young Chow Fried Rice and String Beans with Garlic Sauce W. Meat. Take out only.

              1. I am a big fan of Kebap G. But they have issues. You never know if they're delivering or what will show up when they do. This being said what they do turn out is always good. Even if it isn't quite what you ordered.

                I also like Chef Ho's and the Thai place next door.

                For Pizza I like Bulldog.

                Where is the Cambodian place going to be?

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                1. re: Withnail42

                  Cambodia Cuisine will be next to Osso Bucco, 3rd and 93, NW corner.

                  As far as Saigon Grill, I"m not sure how I'd feel being their customer again after all this bad press. I've been waiting so long for them to re-open, but now I have a sour taste in my mouth.

                  1. re: esyle

                    Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to trying it.

                    As for Saigon Grill what bad press? I was a big fan. I've been wondering what has been takeing them so long to reopen.