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Apr 24, 2007 11:58 AM

Leaving the stove on, leaving the house

When I cook stock for a looooong time, sometimes I leave it simmering when I go out or go to bed. The flame is on low; an occasional bubble comes to the surface. I can't possibly imagine where this could go bad, but my husband worries. Am I reckless?

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  1. I could never do it --particularly leaving the house.

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    1. re: Megiac

      Me either. I'd imagine returning at the end of my errands to a pile of ashes where my house used to be.

    2. This is why I love my new crock pot.

      1. I typically only do stock when I'll be around. If I have to go out briefly (say half hour or so) I turn the stove off while I'm gone and start it up again when I get back. If I'm gone longer, I'll sometimes put it in a low oven; I feel ok leaving the (electric) oven on, but not the (gas) stove. One issue with the gas is that it is *slightly* possible that something might extinquish the flame, then you have gas leak--I don't think I've ever gone to sleep with something on the stove either. Guess I'm just a worrier.

        1. It wigs me out too. Though I do do things like this and then go and have a bath, which is basically the same thing since I am out of reach and ear range of the stove.


          1. Nothing hot stays on while i sleep or am away. The downside is waaaaay too much. I will not even run to the grocer which is 1.5 miles away while something is in the oven.

            Wrt the crock pot, correct me if I am wrong but it does cook with heat so if you are concerned about an oven being left on why are you comfortable with a crock pot? I am being serious not snarky with this question.

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              The OP mentioned the 'flame' being on low. There is no way I'd leave a gas stove on if I was out of the room for more than a minute. As someone mentioned above, if it boils over just a little and the flame goes out or if something else hits the flame, yikes!

              My crock pot is set so that it maintains a constant temperature. It never bubbles over. There is no direct contact with the heating element, unlike on an electric range. The outside of the crock pot doesn't seems to get any hotter than my laptop when left on. Crock pots were designed specifically so that chance of flame is almost nil.

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                The Slow Cooker is electric. The oven is gas.

                I leave my Slow Cooker on low on my granite counter.

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                  I totally agree with jfood. I would never leave my house with the stove or oven on. (I also never leave the house with the dishwasher or dryer going either.)

                  I don't like crock pots for just that reason. I don't like leaving hot things cooking while I'm away from the house. I only use my crock pot as an additional heat/cooking source when I am entertaining a large group of people.