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Apr 24, 2007 11:42 AM

Authentic Mexican in South Phoenix

I hardly ever venture into S. Phoenix (except to hit Los Dos Molinos), but I bet there are some fantastic authentic Mexican restaurants there. Does anyone know of a few?

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  1. I've liked Bahia de Kino (NW corner of Broadway & Central) in the times I've had lunch there. Lots of great Mexican seafood options.

    Here's a recommendation that I got from another poster a few weeks back:

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      Oops! Should have said "NE corner" above. Sorry about that.

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        I concur about Kino. There are several other Mexican seafood places along south Central Avenue. Anything with "mariscos" in the name tends to be a good bet.

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        1. Coyoacan Steakhouse on Central Avenue (just north of Dobbins Rd.) is pretty good. A little pricey, but worth a try.

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            The Mole @ Coyoacan Steakhouse is wonderful. The layers of flavors build as you savor their quality. One of the best Mexican meals I have had in Phoenix!
            The restaurant is absolutely beautiful! Even the Ladies Rest Room w/ the Rose Petals!


          2. Hit the Ranch Market on Central and I believe Southern. It's like taking a trip south of the border.