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Apr 24, 2007 11:37 AM

mastro's gone down hill

my husband and invited our friends to dinner, mastro's at their request. we had eaten there several times and admit they have always had great steaks, until now. we all ordered filets and both my husband's and mine were bland and fatty. just makes me upset when a steakhouse can't produce a decent steak. pretty disappointing plus the service was a bit spotty and unprofessional. i'll stick to arnie morton's, they always get it right.

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  1. I had an excellent dinner at mastro's last month, and the service was pretty good. I eat a ton of steak and used to manage fine dining restaurants, and had no complaints. My steak was the new york and i thought it was great. my only complaint is that is so damn loud upstairs i couldn't hear myself talk (and i do love to hear myself talk).

    1. Go to Maestros Ocean Club, much better.

      1. Filet IS bland and fatty, by its nature. Order a porterhouse or a ribeye.

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        1. re: ozhead

          ribeyes are fatty which is why they are so tasty. filets are usually soft and buttery. i've never eaten a filet that was so laden with fat.

          1. re: woofer

            Agree. Filets are not supposed to be fatty.

            But to be fair to Mastro's, I don't think one bad experience constitutes "gone down hill" ... do you?

            That said, I've never been a fan of Mastro's.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              you know, when i first dined there several years ago (before it became the second home to young hollywood) i thought it was right up there with some of the finest steakhouses i've visited. service was top notch and i still felt like they were happy to have me as a customer as opposed to me being thankful they took my reservation. i'm certain that is my last meal there for a while.

              1. re: woofer

                So, you basically asked others their opinion, they disagreed and you answer yourself?

              2. re: ipsedixit

                I think a restaurant at that price point has to be perfectly spot on each and every time. If it isn't, it should be brought to the managers attention and whatever the problem is, it should be rectified immediatly.

            2. re: ozhead

              err, filet is not supposed to be fatty...that would be a ribeye that should fatty.

              1. re: wilafur

                Filet...most tender peice of meat on the animal...but the most tasteless. The muscle gets no work whatso-ever...hence tender,,,,tasteless.....Ribeye....more exercise, more fat...good meat

                1. re: nyfoodjoe

                  agree with you there. i am mr. bone in ribeye steaks....dry aged please.

                  1. re: nyfoodjoe

                    I loves me my New York strip. Good marbling, good flavor, lots of tenderness and "meatiness" also