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Apr 24, 2007 11:22 AM

South Park- Charlotte

Looking for moderate places to eat in South Parl area of Charlotte for Saturday Night
dinner. Most places are expensive.Rec's appreciated. How is Village tavern?

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  1. I ate there last fall while in town for a meeting. Though I love the one in W-S (the original) I found my martini great and my salad disappointing.

    1. What's your price range and what do you like to eat.

      1. Try Manzetti's off of Morrisons behind South Park. Good steaks, salads, and ribs

        1. As I recall, Zebra was amazing and a value.

          I have had excellent meals at the Village Tavern though.

          1. Try PF Chang's (Asian) in Phillips Place. It's a chain, but unfortunately, most of Southpark has chain restaurants. Brio (near the mall) may be reasonably priced, because I think they have dishes like pizza and sandwiches.