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Apr 24, 2007 11:09 AM

Special birthday in Rome

My sweetie and I are going to Rome for a special birthday in mid-May. I'd like to pick out someplace special to go beforehand. The big night is on a Tuesday. I'd ideally like something that is more intimate, authentic, chowhound-ish than fancy. Moderately priced ($150, wine included, is my upper limit), seriously delicious would be great. Hip or trendy is nice, if the food and even romance is there.

We'll be staying in Trastevere, but can go wherever.

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  1. I really like Checco er Carretiere on Via Benedetta in Trastevere, but it is far from trendy. They ahve fresh seafood and great cooked foods. I always order based on what is on display fresh in their refrigerated cases at the entrance to the dining room.

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      I like Checco too, but I don't think they'll stay within their budget, which is about €109. Basically that's a good trattoria. Il Fico might be an idea or La Piazzetta. I never go to trendy places (because when I do, I'm almost always disappointed). Giuda Ballerino would cost more but is a real bargain -- special food, special ambience, great wine and wine service.

      1. re: mbfant

        Giuda Ballerino's menu @ looks fantastic. Any sense of if we'd we likely need a reservation for a Tuesday night?

        Also, to be more clear, trendy isn't a requirement. Not stodgy might be more like it. We're going to feel old enough that night as is...

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          I love Giuda, but be warned - be prepared for a long evening. They are sloooww. I prefer to go sunday lunch when I don't care so much how long it takes. Not completly sure that two people could eat and drink there for €110 euro. Factor in the cab ride home if you are staying in the center of town...Definately need to resevere. I think they are closed either wednesday or tuesday.
          What about Antico Arco? (might be a little high on the budget range though now that I think about it) or L'Acino Brillo out in Garbatella (kind of trendy looking but pretty good food for the price)
          L'Archangelo?Small place, nice service, updated Roman cooking?