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Apr 24, 2007 10:40 AM

Quick Bite in Mill Valley?

I'm going with a bunch of friends to see a play across the street from Sweetwater this Thursday. The play starts at 7:30, and we're all coming from SF. That doesn't leave us much time for dinner beforehand. Any suggestions for a quick bite to eat in downtown Mill Valley? I vaguely recall a burger place??

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  1. You could try Avatar's Punjabi Burritos - just around the corner from Sweetwaters. The food is pretty good. However, there's hardly anyplace to sit, but if it's a nice evening you could go hang out in the town square by the Depot cafe and watch all the kids and dogs.

    Next door to Avatar is Small Shed Flatbreads. Many people seem to like it. I was underwhelmed the couple of times I went there, but it's been a while.

    For burgers, try Pearl's Phat Burger on Blithedale. You can upgrade to organic meat for an extra dollar or so, they have sweet potato fries and really excellent milkshakes.

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      Thank you! This is exactly the type of information I was hoping to get.

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        Second the recs for Avatar's and Small Shed.

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          I personally thought Small Shed was mediocre at best...for the money I'd rather take my dough down the street to La Ginestra...they are quick on service and the homemade raviolis are the best I've ever had.

        2. Small Shed Flat Bread is great and usually pretty quick!