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Apr 24, 2007 10:27 AM

Update on filled churros in front of Fruitvale BART station

I read some of the older posts about churros being sold in the Fruitvale area, so I went out last night looking for them. After several fruitless rounds on International, Fruitvale, and High streets, I was just about to head home in disappointment when I hit the jackpot! On E. 12th St. between 34th and 35th Ave (right outside the new condos and the mall with Powderface, Lousiana Fried Chicken, etc.), at 6:30pm on a Monday night, there was a woman and her assistant selling churros in a large churro-making cart. (I forgot to ask when they're usually there b/c I was too excited to get my piping hot churros.)

I had to wait 15 minutes in line because she was frying them as we ordered, and the fryer could only fry about 8 at a time. I bought the cajeta filled, cream filled, and a plain. By far, the cajeta was the most delicious. The fresh, hot churro melted the cajeta so that it dripped out in gooey sweetness when you bit into it. It was the best churro I've ever had in the States. The cream was good too, but not as good as cajeta. And the plain, it was too thick in my opinion, since it was designed to work best filled.

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  1. Super, thanks for tracking them down!

    Old post on Powderface beignets and churro sighting,

    1. Very cool. I've never had a hot filled churro. Are they filled prior to frying? Thanks for the day and time. These vendors seem to move around alot.

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        They fry the dough, then if you say you want it filled (cajeta, cream, or strawberry) they fill it from their metal piping tube, like how cream puffs are filled at beard papas.

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          This just sounds better and better. Thanks alot again.

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          That one seems to be pretty permanently afixed there in the evenings. The smaller, rogue churro carts that just make fabulous plain churros (I think the batter of the filled ones is different to make them sturdier) are harder to find.

        3. Having stopped by earlier today and finally tried the infamous Fruitvale Filled Churro Cart, I have seen the light. These churros are unbelievably good.

          The cajeta-filled and cream-filled are actually listed as "caramel" and "vanilla". I had one of each. I agree that the cajeta-filled one was the better one, with the rich, buttery filling blending well with the churro. The "cream" is that slightly artificial-tasting "bavarian cream donut filling", but it's still really good.

          A few tips in case anyone else tries it...

          From the BART station, walk straight though the Fruitvale Village mall and cross the street on the other side. It's immediately on your left.

          Be careful not to hold the bag upright, or the cajeta will flow out of the churro and you'll have to dip it in the pool at the bottom of the bag.

          If you order more than two, the angioplasty is sold separately.

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            By the way, this cart is still there, and has added a new flavor: chocolate. Also really good.

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              Yum. We had churros there today- I had caramel, and it was hot and delicious, although after a modified Fruitvale food crawl (La Torta Loca, followed by Huarache Azteca), the churros put me into a food-coma. They also had vanilla (my friend had it and liked it), chocolate, and strawberry. $1.50 apiece for the filled ones, $1.00 for the plain. It's right outside the Fruitvale Public Market, only steps away from the Cinco de Mayo ice cream place.

              1. re: ace

                Has anyone noticed if the bakery has opened yet in the Fruitvale Public Market?

                1. re: rworange

                  When I was last in their Thurs or Fri of last week it was not yet open.