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Apr 24, 2007 10:24 AM

Best sake bars?

I'm going to New York for a few weeks in May, and while there I thought I'd check out some sake bars and izakaya with good sake. I'm mostly interested in places with a nice selection of sake by the glass (rather than by the bottle).

From searching on old postings, I get the impression that the best places to check out are:

1. Sakagura
2. Decibel
3. Chibi's
4. En Japanese Brasserie (on Hudson Street)
5. Kasadela (which seems to get mixed reviews)

Are any of these gone, or not worth the trip? Anyplace else of similar quality?

Also, any events coming up? It looks like I just missed a big 50-sake tasting event at En.

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    1. SAKAGURA is my fav, but i just went to EN for happy hour at the bar a couple days ago and it's pretty great...bonus being the happy hour of course. they also have lots of soju varieties, house flavored sojus, drinks, food and even a new japanese rice beer too that they just got in recently (i forget the name, but its not hitachino and it was good).

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        Just a slight correction - EN specializes in flavored shochu, not soju - at least from last time I was there.

      2. Hello Robb. Sakagura definitely tops the list in my experience. They have a large selection, a sommelier, and they've got good food as well. It's upscale. I haven't been to the En here in NY, but it's an outpost of the chain from Japan.

        1. Wow, you have a wide range of scenes there. I ADORE Decibel, but it's not for everyone (i.e. not for my parents and probably not for your parents). It's kind of a self-consciously divey dive bar, dark, underground, with graffiti on the walls. Sake selection is very good and they have great tapas style food.

          En is very posh. It's a beautiful space, sake listings are also extensive and higher end. It's hard to do a side by side comparison, but they seem to be stored better than at other places I've been. (For one thing, they have normal sized bottles instead of the magnums that Decibel favors.)

          I've *heard* really good things about Sakagura, but have never been.

          Blue Ribbon Sushi isn't necessarily somewhere I'd send people for sushi unless it's late at night and you REALLY want sushi, but the sake list has some really good selections on there. Stop by if you happen to be in the nabe.

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            you definitely must try sakagura for sake. food is good too. i highly recommend their buta kakuni and the daikon salad. they have a decent dessert selection as well.

            1. re: nyufoodie

              It's on my hit list--thanks. =)

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                I think Decibel and Sakagura have the same owners. But, Sakagura is more upscale and definitely serene. It's on a basement as well of the building housing another Japanese resto called Hapon which adds to it's over-all mystic. It's not easy to find.

          2. Decibel is very cool loud scene and the food can be surprisingly good. I like Chibi for quiet and oysters and Japanese trail mix (what's it called again?)