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Apr 24, 2007 10:21 AM

Where to buy Kal Bi in Calgary


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy Kal Bi (uncooked) in Calgary?

I know places like Arilang and E-mart carry frozen Kal Bi but I was hoping to find a place which sold fresh Kal Bi in large quantities for a BBQ party. ie. A place I could preorder a bucket full.


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  1. Try the Korean Village restaurant, or perhaps other restaurants. This place did it for a friend of mine recently.

    1. pre-marinated, or non-marinated?

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      1. re: yen

        I'm looking for marinated.


        1. re: spicytuna

          Sorry, i've been away. I have no idea where to find good marinated fresh kalbi.I think alex's suggestion sounds good (but expensive!). I'd be interested in finding out anything you've discovered.

          1. re: yen

            I ended up buying frozen non marinated kalbi at Arilang. I bought 3 large packs of kalbi which contained around 80pcs and it came out to around $60 which is pretty good.

            I also bought a huge bottle of kalbi marinade and soaked the kalbi for around 24hrs in a pair of those aluminum turkey pans along with tons of chopped green onion.

            It was a huge hit. Kalbi doesn't take long to cook and it's pretty hard to mess it up on the BBQ. I'll have to do that again but maybe I'll check out Bon Ton to see if I can get some ribs at a better price.

            1. re: spicytuna

              "'s pretty hard to mess it up on the BBQ..."

              Yes, but how is your barbeque? [smile] My grills have looked like they have been dipped in roofing tar after some of my kalbi feeds.

              The bottled marinade may not have been as "goopy" as my own.

              You have got me hungry. I may have to stop at T & T on the way home and pick up some frozen ribs.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Yeah, I have to admit that the grill looked pretty nasty afterwards. Thankfully, I had a cast iron grill which allowed me to scrape off the tar after I burnt it to a crisp.

                I used a Korean marinade by a company called Choripdong. It's called "BBQ Sauce for short rib" :)

                1. re: spicytuna

                  Well, it's clear enough what it is anyway :)

              2. re: spicytuna

                Which brand did you use? The one time i tried a brand, it tasted too salty and thick for me. I made my own, which ended up being almost as salty :) That balance between sweet, salty, with a bit of a kick is key for Korean BBQ imo.

                80 pieces (if you're talking about a 4 or 5 rib piece) for 60 isnt that bad, but i think you're right, you can do it cheaper.

                1. re: yen

                  Superstore and Sobey's both sell asian-cut beef ribs for not too expensive. The Korean store across from Northland Mall has it for pretty cheap as well.

                  If you use your own marinade I do not recommend using Kikkoman soy sauce - it doesn't hold up well to high heat. I find LKK Double Deluxe to be very good for such applications.

        2. Next door to Arilang, there is Korean Restaurant called Dae Jang Geum, it has really good Kal bi. You can take-out fresh/uncooked Kal-bi there. I think it's located 10Ave and 13 street SW