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Apr 24, 2007 10:20 AM

Tastey Indian near Round Rock

Please, help if you can. I have clients coming in on Thursday. They are Indian and asking about Indian Restaurants. I have less experience with Indian food than just about any cuisine.

Can you recommend places for me to take / send them?

Since they are clients, I would like to be sure that the restaurants are clean and presentable.


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  1. I don't live in the area, but remember this post from AustinNYCer. Their last choice Chola is Indian in Round Rock. Looked at their menu online and it is definately on my to get to list.


    1. Another good India vegetarian restaurant is Bombay Express

      Here is my review for it:

      The menu is very similar to Swad. It's basically Indian fast food. The
      restaurant is in the same strip center as Walmart of off Howard and

      Bottom-line - the food is really good. Fresh and authentic. Not very
      spicy (i.e. hot) but full of flavor.

      I did pig-out and tried the dosa, samosas and dahi puri. The samosas
      were served covered with chickpeas and were excellent. So was the dahi
      puri. The dosa was not bad. I have had better but still it was pretty

      I was impressed with how clean the place was. It's almost become the
      norm to expect a mess when you go to a fast food Indian restaurant.
      This place was immaculate. Plus, the folks who ran the place were very
      friendly and helpful.

      Overall, I recommend it if you like chaat type India food.

      Here is their website -

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        Thanks for reminding me of this place whizdog ! I stopped in there once for some chaat and a chai one day and it was quite good. Their yogurt was very tasty, reminding me of my mom's, and they assembled a good-sized plate well. But what I forgot about were the other plates I saw being dished out -- I could smell the sambhar and the dosas looked nice too.

        To clarify, this is mostly South Indian, so perhaps the OP should take note of this. It's all vegetarian (as noted above), and according to their menu, they do have a "Touch of North India" which, from my read, doesn't look worth exploring much. If your guests are looking for S. Indian this might fit the bill, otherwise maybe not.

      2. There is also Curry in a Hurry on Parmer (at Lamplight Village). It is a very small place (right next to an Indian Grocery Store) with only a few veg offerings each day. However, the food is great (I actually tried it tonight and was pleased...but there have been other threads on it). The food was super spicy....I've already hit the Tums. Samosas were not too heavy or greasy with a nice sauce and the two items that came in my combo plate were great (I forget the names now). The best things though, by far, was the impeccably clean restaurant (3 or four tables with counter service), the friendly service and the cheap prices. (ONLY $4.99 for a combo that was more than enough food for me and .75/samosa). They have a website that tells you what the dishes are for the day (3 curries, 2 Daal or bean/lentil/soup dishes).

        This might be a nice place for lunch or a "grab and go" take back to the hotel.

        1. WE LOVE CHOLA, we met Indian guy there and he loved it to, he suggested the Tika Masala and next time we had it YUM.....WE have been to Indian everywhere and this one is delish!!!

          1. We love TEJI. It's a hole in the wall place mixed with a tiny grocery store, but the food is excellent! I loved their Chicken tikki masala and keema naan and has a good selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Service is very impressive for an Indian restaurant too. It is located right off of 620 across from Round Rock High School Their website is On a sub note, while we were raised our whole lives in the U.S. , our parents are Indian , so we've grown up with Indian cooking. :-).