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Apr 24, 2007 10:16 AM

Quiznos vs. Subway

Unfortunately, in my work area, we have nothing but chain sandwich shops. Makes me miss my old home, where there was a pizzaria/sandwich joint on just about every corner. Instead of forking out 4-5 bucks for a half a sandwich, I could buy a whole one for the same price. But I digress.

If I want a sandwich, and I don't feel like making it myself, I have to go to Quiznos or Subway. Having been to both, I've got to say Quiznos is better.

Subway: At some point, they made the bread twice as big and started giving you half the meat they did before. Sure, I can get lots of different veggies, but do I really want to pay that much cash for bread and vegetables? And the bread? Well, I know they bake it fresh, but in my opinion it really isn't that good. Toasting it definitely improves it. And the local Subway doesn't carry provolone cheese. If you get an italian hoagie (sub), you're forced to choose swiss, american or cheddar. Or nothing. How can you even call it italian without provolone?

Quiznos: a little less stingy in the meat department. At least when I get a Quiznos sub, I feel like I'm getting some meat on it, not just chewing on vegetables and bread. Now, their veggie selection is not as great as Subways, but I never felt the need to have more veggie choices, because the sandwiches are substantial enough on their own. I've had the turkey sub and was pleased with it. Today, I went with a veggie sub and enjoyed that as well. Fresh mushrooms, avocado, cheese and a few other veggies. They don't carry provolone either (WTF?), so I won't get their italian sub. The bread is one step higher than Subways, still mediocre, but decent enough.

For the prices that both of these chains charge (astronomical in my opinion), I'll go with Quiznos every time. It's the feeling that I'm getting more value for my buck. The sandwich isn't necessarily better than Subway's, but at least I feel I'm getting meat.

What's your opinion, and what else is good at Quiznos?
And if you feel the need to reply "Don't go to either place.", that's not very helpful so you can keep that to yourself. It's bad enough I'm living in a wasteland when it comes to delis.

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  1. Personally, I am a hardcore Subway fan. Granted it is probably less of a sandwich than you get at Quizno's, but I find their prices more reasonable and it is easy for me to satisfy my hunger at Subway while still watching my calories.
    At Subway I always get a 6 in. veggie on wheat with spinach, tomato, green peppers, banana peppers, cucumber, black olives, light mayo., and vinegar, no cheese. It's not everyones cup of tea, but I have had it for so long that is sort like a comfort food for me.
    I think Quiznos is a bit overpriced, but have still had some sandwiches I enjoyed. I really like the honey bourbon chicken on wheat bread as well as the smoked turkey on parmesan bread. I don't love the red pepper sauce that comes on the smoked turkey so I typically skip it and opt for the horseradish sauce they offer at the condiment stand instead. The traditional is good if you're looking to really indulge, but it is one of those I have to modify for my taste ordering it w/o cheese and doing the horseradish again instead of the ranch.

    1. Quizno's - hands down. I was in a similar situation as you for two years, stuck between chain take-outs. They give you more and better meat, the sauces they have are pretty good, and the bread is by far better than Subway. (Notice that Subway says it's "baked fresh" not "made fresh." The bread arrives pre-packaged and is plopped in their convection ovens for a few minutes. Toasting it only slightly improves the gumminess. And what's with that smell?)

      At Quizno's, I would often get one of their grilled chicken sandwiches. I also like the Italian, which might not have provolone, but at least it has mozzarella and not american.

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        Ha! I was convinced I was the only one completely turned off by the Subway smell. What could be in their bread that gives off that funk? And it sticks to you for the rest of the day. Eck.

        Oh, and Quizno's is much better. I like their version of the french dip sandwich, don't recall what they call it. Their bread is much better in general and I like toasted sandwiches. They also have some sort of hot sauce in little plastic packages, next to the banana peppers, that is FANTASTIC.

        1. re: Faraway11

          I'll third you on that weird Subway smell! If they're actually baking bread, shouldn't the place actually smell like a... BAKERY?

          What a shocking concept!

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            I'm with you on this one. Every Tuesday, a co-worker of mine buys an italian sub and microwaves (that's right-he cooks the cold sub, veggies and all) it as soon as he gets into the office. This magnifies the horrible smell put off by that thing. It smells like B.O. My wife and i joke on Tuesday that it's "armpit sandwich" day. Yuck!

      2. I agree with your Quiznos leaning. I used to have 2 Quiznos within walking distance in grad school and ate at one other the other of them probably twice a week while in school. Now I only have a Subway anywhere near my office and I lament the fact on the, about once a month, occasion that I get a sandwich from them. To my taste, Quiznos is superior in every facet. The bread is more substantial, the meats are more prevalent (and _feel_ less processed - I actually don't know much about the processed nature of either restaurants' meats) and the veggies fresher. The cheese also has actual cheesy flavor at Quiznos. I am a big fan of the "Classic Italian" sub (no olives) and I also like their version of the French Dip. Their BLT is also quite good. Now I'd really like a classic italian sub.

        One good price tip, if you don't mind the way the Quiznos sandwiches hold (ie, the bread will get soft) get the largest size, eat half and save the other for later (or split it with someone). Helps a bit.

        1. If given the choice of either Subway or Quiznos I would choose Quiznos every time. I've never liked Subway - I think the bread tastes funny. I also like that Quiznos has the toasted subs, although I'm sure everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon by now. It's been awhile since I've eaten at Quiznos, but I would usually order the Cabo Chicken sandwich (which I just tried to find online and it isn't on their menu for some reason). It was spicy from the chipotle mayo and all the toppings came together nicely to make a pretty tasty sandwich.

          1. I definitely don't go to Subway. Quizno's sandwiches are warm, which makes their sandwiches just taste better. The Quizno's near my work had excellent service - quick, accurate, friendly, so I like going to them, although there were plenty of other hcoices. I always get the Honey Mustard Chicken salad. If you go online and sign up, you'll get emails about once or twice a month that will save you $1 or $2.

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            1. re: boltnut55

              I totally forgot about those coupons. They also occasionally have the ones for chips and a drink included with the sub. Although they switched to Pepsi from Coke and so I rarely get drinks there anymore.

              1. re: boltnut55

                I forgot about the flatbread salads! Those are actually pretty good. I used to get the Cobb with balsamic instead of ranch. The bread makes it very filling, and it ends up being more food than a sub.

                1. re: mojoeater

                  I love the flatbread salads. I generally get the Cobb salad with peppercorn Caesar dressing rather than ranch. I becomes a big mishmash of flavors but I like it.

                  I also like the Turkey Lite sandwich with a ton of banana peppers. This is not a place to go if you need to watch you sodium.