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Apr 24, 2007 10:15 AM

Tim's Tavern Burger Born Again at Cantab?

My apologies to 9Lives who I know wanted to hit the Cantab for burgers.

Found myself in Central Square last night and could not resist.

Short story, darn excellent burger, potentiall the heir to the lost Tim's Tavern Burger of my youth...


- I ordered the burger with everything

- Bacon was overdone and not really worth it

- mushrooms were good, but scarce

- I would stick with the basic cheeseburger

- That was a darn large 8-10 oz burger

- Perfectly formed

- The meat was exactly right

- One caution, two of us each ordered medium rare; one was spot on perfect, one medium. That said, even the medium was way better then 90% of the burgers I have had in Boston. Last week I had a $12 burger at Casablanca that was okay...

- I would take the $6.50 cheeseburger at the Cantab over it any day.

- It really did have the perfect slightly coarsely ground texture, obviously formed by hand, excellent juicy fat content, all around awesome burger.

- I would have to say, possibly my favorite burger in beantown right now and certainly to some extent chanelling the spirit of Tim's Tavern.

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  1. Wow. Great to know.
    How were the fries? Nothing special as another poster commented?

    1. Only ever had beer there long time ago. How are their onion rings, ribs & kabobs, dare I ask?

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      1. re: Taralli

        Do they have ribs? I remember Frank had pretty damn excellent ones at Tim's, so maybe he's brought his recipe over.

        1. re: Bostonbob3

          Bostonmenupages listed ribs, etc.

      2. //One caution, two of us each ordered medium rare; one was spot on perfect, one medium.//

        Even at Tim's, I always made sure to order my burgers "medium rare on the rare side."

        The result was nothing less-rare than medium rare in all the burgers I ever had there.

        1. To answer some of the questions:

          - French fries were frozen out of a bag, but nicely done.
          - Fish and chips looked excellent. The bar tender was eating it.
          - Did not get a feel for any other food items.
          - Frank was not there himself, but Frank (formerly of Tim's) is in fact running the kitchen.

          1. I was there friday for the burger with some friends and while I didn't love it quite as much as Striperguy I did think it was very good and clearly from the same mold as Tim's. Also agree that the fries were definitely sysco but well-fried and tasty. I had mine medium and it was just right; friends ordered theirs medium-well and they were done properly and still juicy. Good quality meat, ground right (just as Striperguy said). My preference would be for slightly more fat in the mix and for a bit more salt - which matches with my memory of Tim's burgers, so they're maintaining consistency.

            Just fyi for folks who haven't been to the Cantab -- it's a DIVE. Not scary or anything, but definitely divey. Fans of the old-man bar will love it. They didn't seem to be serving food until about 7:30 or so - is that the usual hour? (I don't mean to discourage anyone, just thought I'd note that it has much more of a daytime drunk contingent than, say, the Plough or the Field.)

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            1. re: MichaelB

              //Just fyi for folks who haven't been to the Cantab -- it's a DIVE. //

              Very true. But Tim's wasn't exactly the Four Seasons. :)

              Oh, regarding the hours; it says on their website they serve food from 11-11:00. Not true?