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Apr 24, 2007 10:11 AM

Resto on E. 29th

Has anybody been here to try the mussels yet?

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  1. I went the first weekend they were open, and I'm disappointed to report: the (weirdly mushy) mussels were not very good, and the frites were even worse. If I went back there, I would order some of their more inventive dishes, as my friend's appetizer (scallops with brussel sprouts and chickpea waffles) was delicious. But I don't think I'll be going back.

    1. Went Friday night, mussels were quite good (we had the witte ale ones, they offer four different options), Started out with the spiced lamb ribs (these were EXCELLENT and should be an entree on their own), frisee au lardon, and deviled eggs. For entrees we had the beef cheeks, moules frites, and steak frites. Not a dud among the bunch--it was a really hearty, satisfying meal. Here's their menu:

      My only complaint: the fries were just okay. A little too thick cut for my taste.

      Good beer selection, reasonable wine list. They don't take reservations, which is a pain in the ass, but our wait was only 45 minutes on a Friday night and they do have a special late night menu. I'll definitely be going back.

      1. i went with some friends on friday as well. one of my companions had the witte ale mussels and really enjoyed them. I tasted them and they were pretty good, although not worth going out of your way for.

        I agree with others that the frites were a little on the disappointing side. The sauces you can order with the frites are $1 each and not really worth it, IMHO. the sweet chili sauce had absolutely no spice to it. the lime pickle was interesting, but the standard ketchup and mayo were really the condiments of choice.

        i had the burger and, when i tried to order it medium rare, the waitress told me they only serve it medium. weird. it was not a bad burger, but it would have been better had it been medium rare. i respect chefs having an opinion on the termperatures they believe food tastes best at, but this was a little surprising. was anyone else able to request the way they wanted their burger done?

        despite all of this, we had some great beer and a wonderful time. the devilled eggs and the lamb ribs were great.

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          We went a few days ago, and we really liked the mussels, but nothing we had was a
          "standout." The double cooked pork was good, but not stellar.
          I may go back, if only because I live a block away.

          1. re: Buttercream

            Went there last night. Very underwhelmed. One of the LOUDEST places I've been in a long time. Horrible medal seats. Loved the double cooked pork appetizer, but who wouldn't. It's thick soft bacon..yum.. My beef cheeks were standard fare.
            Our appetizers arrived within 5 minutes of sitting down, and then our mains didn't see the dim light of the table for another 50 minutes. I asked the manager if we were being punished for some reason, and he went back to the kitchen to see what the problem was..He offered us a free glass of wine to make up for it, which my wife enjoyed. Overall forgetfull experience.

            1. re: Mickeymouth

              I had a nice experience there but the one negative thing that sticks out in my mind was the uncomfortable chairs. They squeeze your butt (and mine's not THAT big) and the metal is uncomfortable. They're due for an "upgrade" I think.

        2. Had the burger (according to Bruni, blended with fatback!) for an early lunch last weekend. Delicious. Can't comment on the moules frites, although I do intend to try them soon ...

          1. I live in the neighborhood and have been twice and each time the service has been extremely slow. The food was tasty but I doubt I'll be going back.

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            1. re: noot

              great burgers!!!! frites quite forgettable. for truly memorable moule frites: Jubilee on 54 and First. Try the provencal.

              1. re: louuuuu

                I went 2 weeks ago...agree the spiced lamb ribs to start are fantastic. I followed up with the moules frites...very enjoyable...leek and vermont bacon version. One of the best moules frites I've had in the city...better than markt my other fave. The frites are bigger than you'd maybe expect but that is fine with me...I thought they were solid. Will definitely go back to try more of the menu. Service was "ok", perhaps could do with some tightening but not too bad. And they take reservations...