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Apr 24, 2007 10:05 AM

Ideas needed for one week culinary crawl of NYC

I am a young chef living in Midtown who has been practically married to my job since I moved here in October. I know of many good restaurants, but haven't had time to find some great places that are off the beaten path. I am familiar with a lot of the 'usual suspects' when it comes to the sure-bet, highly-recommended restaurants of the city. My fiancee is coming to the city for six days, and while we both love high energy, crowded, trendy hotspots, we are more interested in cozy, relaxed atmospheres with great food for the week he is here. Plus, we will be eating out for nearly every meal.... so bring on whatever you've got for breakfast, lunch and dinner! He is a professional boxer who has been fasting to make his weight requirement for his fight this weekend, so come Monday, we are looking to ingest the maximum amount of calories for six days running.....Thanks for your help, Chowhounds, and I look forward to whatever you can give me!

P.S. Mega points go to places with outdoor seating or gardens, especially with this weather!

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  1. Two favorite French bistros, both with very good food and lovely back gardens: Gascogne and Gavroche.

    I'm sure you know about Shake Shack, which, I think, should definitely be on your list for al fresco dining. Preferably off-hours to avoid the lines.

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      I just had the worst lunch at Gavroche. The hostess gave us the impression she was quite ill which was off-putting to say the least. Our waiter seemed to be in some kind of fog. Our food took forever, he forgot a drink order, and brought the wrong food to our table. As pleasant as he was, the sevice was not acceptable. The food wasn't much better. While the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs were nicely done the roast potatoes were bland and swimming in oil. The charred burger had an odd aftertaste. Yes, there's a garden but it is in dire need of a makeover. We would have been better with take-out in a park!

      1. re: trishottawa

        Wow! What a difference between your experience and someone else who just posted that she really enjoyed her meal at Gavroche. Hmmm.... We haven't been there in a while, but all our previous experiences have been good ones. Don't know what to say about the garden. Perhaps with all the bad weather we've been having, they've yet to clean it up? I've always found it pleasant enough though I've also felt it could use some coloful flowers. Truth to tell, Gascogne's garden is more charming.

    2. For a good, stuff-your-self silly Indian lunch buffet, try Chola.