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Apr 24, 2007 09:55 AM

one night in seattle

will be in seattle for one night. would love to sample what is really going on there and not just spend as much money as possible. will pay for what is appropriate, but not at all interested in sampling something that i can find anywhere else, i.e., a successful template of what goes on in any major city. where can i find the best ambience, carefully written wine list, beautiful food without the pretense? in other words, who nails it in seattle?

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  1. Only one night, very bittersweet. For a Seattlesque experience I would try either Sitka & Spruce (go EARLY or expect a wait, it's tiny) or Tilth. Both have excellent, rotating menus and exude a Seattle vibe. The wine lists may not be as deep as other restaurants, but the food is beautiful. Although it may not be Seattle "themed" one of my favorite, and I think best in general, restaurants in Seattle is the Harvest Vine. Excellent Spanish small plate restaurant which provides an experience I've heard is hard to match elsewhere in the U.S.

    1. I love all three of the restaurants suggested, but if i could only go to one, I'd go with Sitka & Spruce. They were voted top 10 new restaurants in Seattle by Seattle Magazine, and the chef just won 10 Best New Chefs in the country by Food & Wine Magazine. I love the vibe there, and they have some really great wines that I haven't seen anywhere else in the city. A couple that sat next to us last weekend had gone to Tilth, but they were full, so they only had a glass of wine, were at Sitka for a few small plates and then were headed to the Harvest Vine. Sounds like a perfect dinner to me.

      1. A third vote for Sitka and Spruce. Just get there early. They carry some really good wines and some of the best one aren't listed anywhere so ask for a recommendation from the waitstaff. Just be sure to ask about the price. I was with a group that almost splurged on a third bottle of wine that turned out to be $75 and more than we were willing to spend. And the prices make dinner seem like a bargain.