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Apr 24, 2007 09:45 AM

The Grove of Anaheim

Hello hounds,

We're going to an event at the Grove of Anaheim. Never been there before. Checked out their website and see that they do serve dinner before the event. With our seats, dinner is optional. I guess it is required for some seats. A menu was posted for the event, which looked pretty good, but no prices! Anyone know what the prices typically are? So, would you recommend eating there or going somewhere else (recommendations?) beforehand? Thanks for any tips!

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  1. I wouldn't eat there unless I was forced to. Prices are about $15-20 per person for the entrees, and you will probably buy drinks as well. The food is mostly mediocre, but it is edible and convenient because you are already in your seat.

    Are you looking for nice food, fast food, or cheap food in the area? yes, there are all three kinds in the vicinity :) Mr. Stox and Anaheim White House are nearby for $$$, there's a fast food court type place on the other side of the street from the Grove, and you're not too far from Little Saigon if you want to try out some asian restaurants.

    1. Ate there once as we were forced to - it was awful...

      1. I hear The Catch is good. I haven't eaten there myself so I can't comment. Located on St. College near Katella.

        1. Very expensive for not-so-great food. Eat before or after you go.

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            Thanks for the heads up. I would hate to make the mistake of going there if the food is that bad.

            There is also JT Schmid's and King's Fish House near the Honda Center.

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              JT Schmid's, that's it. Not bad at all. Just skip the horrible cole slaw.

          2. Honestly, just go elsewhere. In the immediate vicinity is an El Torito Grill, Fresca's fresh-mex (fast food), a CPK ASAP, Quizno's, a quite tasty burger place (can NEVER remember the name of it -- it's directly opposite Centre).

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              I've been to Fresca's before The Mighty errr, the Ducks games. It's fast fresh-mex, but it was surprisingly good. It would also cost you about 1/3 or less the price of eating inside the Grove.