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Apr 24, 2007 09:34 AM

Favorite Denver ethnic eateries?

We are trying to reduce our eating out expenditures, but still like the act of going out for dinner on a weekend. So, I figured the best way to still go out but save money is to start spreading our wings to more out of the way ethnic restaurants. We are fairly adventurous eaters, so there is really no category of food is off limits. What are the best ethnic restaurants in the Denver area (and as an aside, is there any good Lebanese food to be had in town)?

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  1. In Denver? Or in metro Denver? Ethinic eateries are concentrated (or strung along) Federal, Alameda and in Aurora. You mentioned Lebanese. There's Ali Baba in Golden, off CO 93 (and visible from it, about less than a mile north of where US 6 turns left into Clear Creek Canyon.

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    1. I really like Da Lat on Federal Boulevard, a Vietnamese restaurant. I've only done lunch, but the menu is extensive. They have a variety of salads that are nice in the summer.

      1. I live in Phoenix, but occasionally a business trip will take me to the DTC / Greenwood Village area. I've found a Lebanese restaurant there called Sahara that has been consistently good each time I've visited. I don't know how it compares to other Lebanese restaurants in Denver, but it's on par with some of my favorites down here in Phoenix. It's on Arapahoe just a little bit east of I-25.

        1. We enjoy Masalaa for Indian - (fyi: it's vegetarian, so just don't go expecting meat - it's worth a trip, really great), Super Star Asian is so fun for dim sum - everything is good there. We also enjoy a little Vietnamese place up on Colorado Blvd. called Saigon Terrace. Just a few of our personal favorites that have proven to be great everytime. They are all just small hole-in-the-wall looking places - but in my opinion, those are sometimes the best places around! Have fun!

          1. Little India on 6th Ave. near downtown is great. Tacos Jaliscos in west Denver is a must. Fantastic Mexican food. Pho Hoa on Fedaral is really good if you like Pho. Tom's Home Cooking in Five Points has great soul food, if you consider soul food "ethnic."