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Apr 24, 2007 09:13 AM

Bonita Springs area bakeries

I'm looking for good quality bakeries in the Bonita Springs - Estero area. I'm not talking about bagel or bread stores, I mean bakeries that offer Napoleons, mini fruit tarts, cakes made with real butter and real whipped cream topping -- the kind you'd find in an ethnic neighborhood up north. Any out there?

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  1. There must be something in Bonita. What's in Coconut Pointe? There's EVOO in Bonita? Fresh Market in Bonita had some lovely things. Try south Ft Myers, too.There's a bakery on Metro Parkway called Bakery Cafe on their sign.
    Some things are good, others just ordinary. Don't remember if they had things like Napoleons, tarts, etc. but they might. Also, check out Norman Love's place up off Daniels. If you get past the chocolate, he has some small, individual serving, delicious confections. Can't remember if he had full size offering too. I try to stay away. Key word is "try".

    1. Riker is correct. Norman Love may have the best pastries. EVOO is ok, better than Fresh Market. Unfortunately, if you want a great pastry with a butter crust or real whipped cream, you have to make it yourself.

      1. I'm late to the discussion, but Chow Hounds in the Bonita Springs-Naples area should know about a superb hotel pastry chef who opened his own bakery and for several years has been turning out truly epicurean-grade pastries.

        I just bought a birthday cake from him and every party attendee wanted to know where I bought it. It was THAT good.

        His shop can be found at:

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          Thanks for this great recommendation. Talk about off the beaten path with that location. Tucked in the back of an industrial park. They have taken their cue from Norman Love's original location, knowing that people will seek them out. I'd never have found this on my own. Thanks again. LMF

        2. A bit south in Naples off 75 exit 101 is a great Italian bakery called Caffe Portofino. It is also tucked away in an industrial park. Many of the Italian pasteries in the better area restaurants come from here. I love their Italian Cheesecake and homemade biscotti.

          1. I recently discovered an impressive bakery in North Naples on Pine Ridge and Airport Pulling Rd. called Sugar Palm near Bed Bath and Beyond. Their cakes are made to order with butter cream frosting and fillings and they have the best cinnamon rolls I've had in a while. They have cannoli shells which they hand stuff to order, maintaining that wonderful crispness. The ricotta filling is very good, not overly sweet. There's also a selection of tasty mini tarts and cupcakes.