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Gordon-Biersch in Bolingbrook

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Went to the preview yesterday for lunch-It was fabulous. You can smell the garlic as you approach.
I had the Feature Burger-which was a spicy thing with fresh Jalapenos, Wife had tomato-basil pizza. Both were excellent. Beers were great. I normally can't stand "California" places (like CPK) but this place had a "Chicago" feel. Fine service too. I think it opens "for real" later in the week.
And the garlic fries are worh the trip alone.

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  1. Where in Bolingbrook is theis location? Is it on Boughton Road?

    I am looking forward to going once they open, thanks for the info.

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      Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
      639 E. Boughton Rd.
      Bolingbrook 60440

    2. I love the garlic fries. The beer is just OK, though. There are a lot of better American microbrews.

      Oh yeah - their corporate office is in Tennessee, not California. They are the same folks that do Rock Bottom Brewery. Huge corporation.

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        Actually Gordon Biersch and Rock Bottom Brewery are two different companies. Gordon Bierch does own two Rock Bottom's one in Atlanta and one in Charlotte, but that is all. There are no ties to the company other then those two locations.

      2. Having been to one of these outside of Denver (dunno which city, it's on the way to Boulder), all I can say is that they will need to drop their prices significantly in order to compete in the Chicago area. If they don't, one wonders how long they will stay open once the other restaurants open outside the new mall at Boughton and Janes sometime this summer...one of which I believe is a Rock Bottom brewery.

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          The prices on the menu I looked at from the Columbus location, and the Colorado location did not look to far out of line compared to some of the other brew-pubs I have gone to in the area.

          I will at least pay one visit knowing I have Flossmoor Station to always fall back on although it is alot further away than Bolingbrook.

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            Well...if you're willing to drive to Flossmoor, maybe you should try Three Floyds in Munster. Better beer, equal (though different) food, and less expensive than Flossmoor Station -- and MUCH better beer and MUCH less expensive than Gordon Biersch.

            FYI, the Gordon Biersch in Bolingbrook is in the new mall. It's in the food promenade with places like bd Mongolian, Johnny Rockets, and Bar Louie. Several other restaurants will be opening in the outlots this fall, among them Claim Jumper (not Rock Bottom as I posted above). And the Bass Pro Shops will have a restaurant inside called (I think) Islamorada Fish Company.

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              I may have to give Three Floyds a try, I live 70 miles sw of Chicago, but am in the western suburbs daily.

              That area around the Gordon Biersch, and the other restaurants is going to be a mad house with the Ikea, Macys, and the other stores there. My company actually supplied the brick that built alot of the buildings there.

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                sorry no claim jumpers coming. For a list of what is going to be there look here


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              sorry no rock bottom brewery coming to the mall. for a list of what is coming look to the mall's website

            3. We have one in Burbank. I love the hamburger (dry -- no cheese, no nonsense on it). The garlic fries are too strong. I always get a wedge salad (with bleu cheese -- mmmmm!) instead.

              1. We don't have one where I live, but when visiting in DC, I went for lunch...Garlic fries...Wonderful!!!!

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                  I just came back from The Promenade grand opening in Bolingbrook. Unfortunately, it's a cold wet day. But, I checked out the Gordon Biersch menu. I did not either eat or drink there.

                  The menu reminds me of Walter Payton's Roundhouse in Aurora. It's kind of upscale American brew pub with commensurate pricing.

                  There are a number of locations in the southwest and southeast U.S.

                  Perhaps, people familiar with those locations can give us the scoop of what's good and not.

                2. Stopped into Gordon Biersch for lunch today to give this place a try. Unfortunately I wasnt able to consume any beer, or tequila since I had to go back to work(darn job) after lunch. The place was pretty crowded, so we took a table in the bar area. We waited somewhere between 5 & 10 mins, and were never approached by a server, and a couple of tables that sat down after us had already given drink orders, and received their drinks. I only have an hour for lunch so I went up to the Hostess stand and asked if there was anyone working our table, and that we had been wating, and others who had arrived after us had already had a server stop by. The hostess said she would send someone right over, I didnt know the manager was standing there, and he followed me back to the table, and apologized, and grabbed a server, and got our drink order in and told us lunch was on him, and the manager took our order. Not what I expected, or wanted, I never like comps, but I accepted his nice gesture so as not to be rude. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, and garlic fries, and my mom ordered a chicken & pear salad. The food was ok, and the garlic fries were pretty good. The manager stopped back a couple of times, and then the GM came over, and apologized, and chatted for a few minutes. I told him I planned on coming back when I would have a chance to drink some beer, and he gave me his business card, and wrote a note on the back for 2 comp beers on my next visit. Nice touch.

                  I will reserve judgement until I try the beer here, the food was typical bar food, and the service started out bad, but the manager, and GM went beyond what they needed to get us to give them another try.

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                    Their roasted red pepper and goat cheese salad is really good!! Just wanted to put my .02 cents in...

                  2. Gordon Biersch is one of our standby places. Always get a good meal and the beer is really good and very consistent. We live in San Jose - California - oooooo ;)

                    1. I made a return trip to Gordon Biersh last night after work to finally try their beer. From a previous visit I had a a businees card from a manager for two large beers, and my mom had a business card from the GM for a free appetizer. My mom and I enjoyed a tall glass each of the Heffenweizen, a nice beer with fruity aftertaste. They have a decent selction of tequilas as well. I enjoyed a shot of Sauza tres generacions anejo. We went back to the table to join my wife and baby and had the brewers feast sampler platter as our comp appetizer. The platter contained southwest eggrolls, calamari, chicken wings, and a crab /artichoke dip. All the items were ok, nothing special. For my dinner I had the Terriaki Flat Iron steak, which was very flavorfull, but was a very small portion for $17. My wife had the fish special for the night, which was also just ok. I also enjoyed a couple more of the Heffenweizen beers during and after my meal, and left feeling pretty good.

                      Overall the food @ Gordon Biersh is ok, a little expensive for the small portions, but the beer is pretty good. I would say I will return.

                      1. The food at Gordon Biersch is not that great, especially for the prices.

                        I've heard the restaurant at the Bass Pro shop in the Promenade is pretty good.