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Apr 24, 2007 08:22 AM

Cheap Eats By Hyatt Regency in Cambridge?

I'm a college student who opted to live in the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge next semester (BU doesn't have enough housing and rather than throw freshmen off campus, they asked upperclassmen to volunteer. I couldn't resist the idea of someone cleaning my room for me twice a week). Does anyone know of cheap, yummy places to eat in the surronding area, especially ones open later at night? (I'm vegetarian, so most fast food wouldn't cut it) I enjoy basically everything....

(the Hyatt is located at 575 Memorial Drive in Cambridge)

Thanks so much!


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  1. It's a tricky location unless you have a car or a very sturdy pair of walking shoes. With the possible exception of River Gods and, of course, the Hyatt's own restaurants, I don't think that there's anything easily walkable from there. I assume that BU will be running a shuttle of some sort to campus, and that will certainly be your most convenient option. You can get to Kendall and Central squares where there are many many options, but it will be a long walk.

    There's more specific recommendations if you search the Boston board for "Hyatt". For example

    1. Yeah, and then you get 1st choice spring term (or are you going overseas?).

      If you continue up Brookline Street away from the rotary, a few blocks up are some places for pizza and the like. Trader Joe's is only a short walk on other side of the rotary - open til 10. There's a Whole Foods kind of buried in the neighborhood off River St (helps to have a bike) and some restaurants around there.

      1. There's not much food around the Hyatt but if you walk up to Central Square, there's a good amount of food. River Gods (corner of River St and Kinnaird St) is good and pretty veggie friendly. Moody's Falafel Palace (Western Ave right near Mass Ave) is open until 2AM and while it's not great, it's decent and cheap for late night food. Basta Pasta is a little, cheap Italian type place on Western Ave that's good but I don't know how late it's open. If you're up for delivery, the Similans (thai place that's part of the Brown Sugar restaurants) over by Kendall Square has lots of vegetarian options and will deliver for $2.

        1. I think your best bet is to hang around Allston where there's tons of stuff and it's not much further than Central Sq. There are a couple pizza places on Brookline St. and the aforementioned Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I was gonna suggest the lobster sandwich at Alive n Kicking on Putnam but that won't work for you.

          1. I live on main campus (BSR) and have checked out the trek to O Cantinho based on CH recs. Gonna try it soon and will report back on how walkable it is from even further away from the Hyatt. Good luck with the Hyatt, it has its adavantages....and disadvantages. I think you'll come to realize how convenient the GSU is since its next to the bridge, but man can not live on Jamba alone.